She does everything to get healthy Claudette Dion takes stock

“She does everything to get healthy”: Claudette Dion takes stock of Céline’s health – TVA Nouvelles

Celine Dion has no plans to let illness get her down!

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In an interview with HELLO! Canada, published online on Thursday (August 31, 2023), Claudette Dion, the star’s older sister, provides an update on the singer’s recovery from Stiff Person Syndrome. “She’s doing everything she can to recover,” she said of Celine Dion. She is a strong woman.”

The “My Heart Will Go On” singer, 55, announced that she had been diagnosed with the rare neurological disorder in a video posted to social media. She also revealed that she has put her tour plans on hold to focus on her recovery.

“It’s a disease we know so little about,” Claudette Dion added to the media, before describing what hinders her sister the most. “There are cramps – they are impossible to control. Do you know that people often get up at night because of a cramp in their leg or calf? It’s a little like that, but in all muscles. There’s not much we can do to support them and ease their pain.”

Claudette Dion, also a singer, concluded that family and fans are “crossing their fingers that researchers find a cure for this terrible disease.”