She buys a ticket to Harry Styles for 2000 and

She buys a ticket to Harry Styles for $2000 and her mom gets her to raffle things

As long as you don’t want to see your favorite artist, a young Mexican woman began to search Tickets for Harry Styles on all sorts of platforms but what was her surprise when she saw what she bought thought that was it a ticket of 2,000 pesos was actually $2,000a … become Viral video on TikTok.

The user who shared the video on the popular social network responds on the name of @ZarinaMontgomeryy who, through her WhatsApp messages with a family member, shared the bug she now has Raffle for some of the former One Direction singer’s items to Pay the expensive ticket of 40,000 Mexican pesos.

The Mexican is wrong and pays $2,000 for Harry Styles

According to the story The young Mexican bought a ticket for Harry Styles in New York City because it has not found available for the dates that there will be in our country; However, he somehow believed that despite buying a ticket to an event in the Big Apple on an American portal, the number they showed him was in Mexican pesos. fatal error.

For a few days all happiness was for @ZarinaMontgomeryy because she got to see her favorite singer but the laughter turned to tears and a huge debt when his mother’s credit card receipt arrivesbecause with this plastic he bought his ticket for the concert in New York.

“I screwed it up, it’s not 2,000 pesos, it’s $2,000. I paid with my mother’s card.”, the young woman wrote to someone else on WhatsApp to tell him about the problem she was facing. The mother, far from writing the egregious “Sablazo” on her card or telling her she would pay the expense, replied, in her own words, “My mother wants to kill me.”

east Tik Tok video is on the way to half a million reps and 100,000 likes, with comments supporting the young woman and some even encouraging a collection so she can pay for it, although others branded her “naive” for believing that a The ticket for Harry Styles in New York would cost two thousand pesos.

In another video, the same young woman announced this is giving away some Harry Styles collectibles so he can pay his mother, who certainly went “la muina” in the clouds to see that he has a few days to deposit the 40,000 pesos on the credit card; if not, the interests will eat it alive.

When are the Harry Styles concerts in Mexico?

  • Guadalajara VFG Arena: 20.11
  • Monterey Arena: 22.11
  • Mexico City Solar Forum: November 24th and 25th