Sharon Stone reveals shes battling a tumor after being misdiagnosed

Sharon Stone reveals she’s battling a tumor after being misdiagnosed: ‘Get a second opinion. It can save your life”

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American actress Sharon Stone, 64, has revealed she has been diagnosed with a “large fibroid tumor” after being “misdiagnosed”. The artist, who rose to world fame with her starring role in Basic Instinct (1992), has revealed via her Instagram that she will be out for between four and six weeks to fully recover. “Another misdiagnosis and another wrong procedure. And with double epidural anesthesia. After the pain worsened, I decided to get a second opinion: I have a large fibroid that needs to be removed,” the interpreter wrote in a story published on her account, which has 3.4 million followers.

In the same message, the actress from Casino (1995) – a role for which she won a Golden Globe – warned about the importance of getting a second medical opinion when you are unsure about the diagnosis you received. “Ladies in particular: don’t be fooled. Get a second opinion. It can save your life,” Stone wrote.

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Fibrous tumors are usually benign masses that grow in the uterus and are difficult to detect because they are initially painless. “I will be out for four to six weeks to fully recover. Thanks for your concern, everything is going well,” he concluded in his message.

Unfortunately, this is not the only medical complication that the actress has faced throughout her life. In 2021, Stone revealed in her memoir The Beauty of Living Twice that she had a series of benign tumors removed from her breasts in 2001, which the actress claimed were “huge, bigger than my breast alone.” When she woke up after the surgery, she found she had “bigger breasts” than before. It didn’t take her long to discover that she hadn’t imagined it, but that her new appearance was a result of the surgeon who operated on her making the decision to put implants in her without consulting her first .

In addition to this medical error, Sharon Stone suffered a life-changing stroke that same year and at the age of 43, as she herself discovered. “My mother had a stroke. My grandmother had a stroke. I had a massive stroke and cerebral hemorrhage for nine days,” he said of the episode in a 2019 interview with Variety magazine.

The protagonist of The Specialist (1994) admitted that she miraculously survived with serious consequences: stuttering, trouble walking and loss of reading ability, and it took two years before she lost the sensitivity of her left leg, her eyesight and her himself had recovered speech. “I had to refinance my house. I lost everything I had. I lost my niche in the industry. And I was like the big star of the moment, you know?” he lamented. Stone also warned about the importance of screening at the time. “If you have a really bad headache, you need to go to the hospital. I didn’t walk until day 3 or 4 of my stroke. Most people die. I had a 1% chance of survival when they operated on me and for a month they didn’t know if I would survive. Nobody told me, I read it in a magazine.