Sharon Stone reveals I have a large fibroid I discovered

Sharon Stone reveals: ‘I have a large fibroid, I discovered it after a misdiagnosis’

A fibrous tumor discovered only after a second medical opinion. IS Sharon stone to tell a new chapter of his complex and traumatic health events. The Basic Instinct star, 64, took to Instagram to explain later the removal of some benign tumors and cerebral hemorrhage had 2001 now it’s your turn”a large fibroid” benign but has yet to be removed. The actress said she was fine and all You will need at least a month of postoperative recovery.

But it is the consideration that accompanies the discovery of this form of tumor that has essentially made “news”. Yes, because Stone found out about the tumor only thanks to a second medical opinion and that scientific inaccuracy which he experienced on his own skin proclaimed it to the four winds. “If you are worried about your body changes Always get a second opinion, it can save your life‘ the actress demanded. “I just got over it another misdiagnosis and so on a wrong medical procedure“.

In 2001, however, the Hollywood diva had surgery for two other benign tumors Even then, medical opinions were contradictoryin fact, the first opinion (and even a second) had declared it dead cancer patient, then suddenly the positive tests ended, and the tumors turned out to be benign. In the same year he came affected by cerebral hemorrhage and the surgeons had to operate on her to reconstruct a vertebral artery.

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