Sharon Stone in tears over the death of her brother

Sharon Stone in tears over the death of her brother Patrick: he was the father of her nephew River, who died the same year…

There is grave family mourning for Sharon Stone, who tearfully confirmed the death of her younger brother Patrick, 57, with a video posted to Instagram less than a year after losing her nephew (her brother’s son) to multiple organ failure. “Hi everyone, This message is to confirm that my brother, Patrick Joseph Stone, had a heart attack yesterday – says the actress through tears -. Yes, he was River’s father who we lost last year at the age of 11 months. He is survived by his wife Tasha, son Hunter and daughter Cailee.’

The 64-year-old star then thanked the many people who have expressed their closeness to her: “Like every family, we thank you for your love and support at this moment of terrible pain and appreciate all your condolences. Yes, we have suffered so many enormous losses in the last two years, as have many of you – she says tearfully – We only ask that you continue to be kind”.

A really difficult time for Sharon Stone, who just a few months ago revealed she has “a large fibroid”: a benign tumor that needs to be removed but was discovered after a misdiagnosis, hence the Basic Instinct star had wanted to remind all women not to stop at the first diagnosis if they continue to feel unwell: “Get a second opinion. It can save your life,’ he urged.