Shakiras new collaboration after sweeping Bizarrap AS

Shakira’s new collaboration after sweeping Bizarrap AS

Shakira continues to enjoy the overwhelming success she has achieved thanks to this Session 53 which he started with Bizarrap this January. His attacks on Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía skyrocketed the song Number one in dozens of countries around the world, so now everyone is waiting for the release of the new song of the Colombian artist. And it seems that things are already boiling, although it’s still early to know if the former FC Barcelona footballer is the singer’s target again.

Everything indicates that Shakira’s next collaboration will be with her compatriot Karol G, with whom he refused to sing in 2021 but would have agreed to lock himself in the studio and release a new song. The song will be “very empowering” and again, according to South American media, there will be no shortage of references to piqué.

That’s something to remember Karol G also used music to message his ex. In his case, the victim was Anuel AAand dedicated phrases like “two-legged rat” and “crawling animal” in the purest Paquita la del Barrio style.

And it so happens that the messages in songs are the most common in Karol G’s music, and in his song Punto G he even mentions Shakira himself, with whom he attempted a collaboration in 2021.Daddy Yankee taught us that the greatest artists give new artists a chance because that’s coming, so knocking on the door didn’t scare me‘ he revealed after contacting the one from Barranquilla.

At the time, she was unable to speak to Shakira in person and would present her song to the person “closest” to her, but she declined. “If I have another song tomorrow that I think will be finished with her in my heart, I’ll be knocking on the door again‘ she added, noting that she wasn’t upset with Shakira. Finally, the long-awaited cooperation could take place and at the best time.