Shakiras 5 LOOKS that DETHRONED Clara Chia Marti and show

Shakira’s 5 LOOKS that DETHRONED Clara Chía Martí and show that she’s already OUTPUT Gerard Piqué

Shakira Not only does she excel in the world of music, but also for imposing fashion, because the Colombian has made it very clear that dressing well and being part of the trends is part of her lifestyle. The Barranquillera was on everyone’s lips all year round and this 5 looks show who, thanks to this fact, has been reborn at the professional level surpassed his separation with Gerard Pique and by far, any of their styles dethrone a Clara Chia Marti.

Then the separation was announced Shakira Y Gerard Pique, the reflectors haven’t stopped pointing at the ex-couple as the cameras track each celebrity’s every move. While the singer has decided to devote herself fully to her children and her professional career, the Catalan chose to leave football to be closer to football Clara Chia Marti and start a new life from scratch.

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Shakira’s looks dethroning Clara Chía and showing that she’s already surpassed piqué

Although again and again Shakira Chosen for her somewhat scruffy looks, the ‘Monotonía’ performer has insisted on looking spectacular ever since she dumped the former soccer player. And with that, she owns one of the most enviable personalities in the world of music and entertainment. The singer is unmistakable because of her hip swing, but also after the breakup Gerard PiqueShe decided to change clothes to show herself as a confident woman who did her best looks and outfits that show to his followers who already surpassed dear disappointment

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At one of the meetings that the Barranquillera had with the father of her children, the singer decided to bet and took out the heavy artillery to look more spectacular than ever. This was one of the looks with which Shakira came to this meeting Gerard Piquemakes that clear surpassed and is ready to conquer the world.

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From that moment the singer was seen with several looks What dethrone a Clara Chia Marti Y show what beautiful surpassed a Gerard Pique; One of those looks, the most representative, was the one she used for the interview she offered for Elle magazine. For this issue of the magazine, the Colombian was seen in different outfits that highlight not only her beauty but also her strength and resilience in the face of these difficult times.

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As if that wasn’t enough lately Shakira was the protagonist of one of the Burberry campaigns where the singer posed in a tight dress and with transparencies, one of the trends that most caught the eye this 2022. Thanks to the fact that the performer of “Monotonía” In became the model of the luxury brand, thousands of fans did not stop flattering her spectacular beauty and impressive physique.

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Shakira has proven to be a very versatile artist, not only in terms of music, but also in each of her styles, her image and personality permeate her looks that so far dethrone a Clara Chia Martisame as show what beautiful surpassed a Gerard Pique. Recently, the singer has been seen very much in the Mediterranean style, because on social networks she published a photo next to her children; For her vacation in Dubai, the singer opted for a white tunic and a scarf in her hair.

Even though it’s been a tough year Shakiranot only because of the separation from Gerard Pique, but also due to the health problems of her father, the singer has managed to overcome these bumps that have appeared in her life. The latest report reveals that William Mebarak’s relapse forced the Barranquilla woman to delay her move to Miami, leaving her to travel with her children until June.