Shakira would have been BETRAYED by detectives she hired to uncover Piqué’s INFIDELITY

Shakira would have been BETRAYED by detectives she hired to uncover Piqué’s INFIDELITY

The break in between Shakira Y Gerard Pique continues to be a talking point, and while the real reasons that led to their breakup are not yet known, it has been speculated from the start that the reason was a hoax from the footballer, and now a version has appeared in which the singer would have been reveal through detectives that she contract to the discover the infidelity of the athlete.

It is worth remembering that in recent days there has been speculation that the Colombian already suspected that the FC Barcelona player was dating another woman, ie Shakira hired for some detectives for them to follow Gerardand apparently they discovered this at one of his parties pique He had another affair.

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A few weeks ago was when the rumor started that Shakira Y pique They went through a crisis and even lived separately, in addition to the fact that they were seen in different parts, so different media already assumed that their relationship ended and the reason is that Gerard it was unfaithful to the mother of his children, a situation that has not yet been confirmed.

How would Shakira have been betrayed by the detectives she hired herself?

Some media made sure that the woman he left with unfaithful to Gerard Pique a Shakira She is a 22-year-old blonde and she is a late night waitress at a nightclub the soccer player frequents, information allegedly discovered by the detectives the hired shakiraHowever, it has now turned out that it would have been her reveal from them by filtering such information.

According to the show program ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ the detectives They did it for that purpose Shakira pays a lot of money for some photos showing Piqué with his lover in very compromising situations; Images that the Colombian singer has in her possession and that she does not wish to disseminate.

This is what the famous interpreter would have been like reveal in a mean way because she didn’t want the news of their split to be known and was hoping to announce it in a conservative way that wouldn’t involve scandal but with joy. Treason from private detectives it turned out the opposite.