Shakira would date her ex Antonio de la Rua You

Shakira would date her ex Antonio de la Rúa: You always go back to where you were happy

Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Antonio de la Rua Y Shakira They were an enviable and exemplary couple for many years. The singer dedicated numerous songs to him, and it was believed that they would be together forever. To everyone’s surprise, after eleven years, the couple decided to go their separate ways.

An Argentinian show program is now claiming this after the stormy break Gerard Piquethe father of her children Shakira She would look for her ex-boyfriend who wanted to date him again.

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Antonio de la Rúa is the son of the Argentine President Fernando de la Rua, businessman and was Shakira’s manager for many years. They met in 2000 Argentina during a dinner where they fell together. By that time, the Colombian had already overcome her relationship with her Osvaldo Rios. She was only 23 years old and he was 27 years old, at first they didn’t want to make it public, but little by little it was inevitable because they became inseparable.

Karina Iavicoli in program “Show Partners” He mentioned that the Colombian spoke to his ex-partner Antonio de la Rúa. This was what he said:

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“I can say that because she is going through a very difficult time, those who have resumed contact through phone calls and meetings scheduled for later, … Shakira Y Antonio de la Rua“. It should be noted that both are single at the moment. He married the model Daniela Ramos and had two children, but unfortunately it didn’t work out and they broke up.