Shakira: the rogue former mother  in  law she doesn’t forgive.  SEMANA tells you the complete story of this war to the death

Shakira: the rogue former mother in law she doesn’t forgive. SEMANA tells you the complete story of this war to the death

Shakira realized a few months after announcing their split to the world. While the singer cried in the arms of her ex-mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabéu the days when her crisis with the former player came to a head, Gerard Piqué’s mother played “blind and deaf and dumb” early last year. “ with what he knew for sure: his son already had a new love.

I was so aware of that He knew perfectly well that Piqué spent entire weekends with his new girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí, at his family’s country home in Cabrils, ​​a municipality near Barcelona. as revealed by Laura Fa, journalist and member of the Mamarazzis, entertainment space of El Periódico, from Catalonia.

Aware of the situation, Shakira believed she deserved her ex-mother-in-law to tell her the truth and not become a silent accomplice in infidelity. For the Colombian, it was a betrayal just as painful as the one she felt when she finally found out their relationship, after almost 12 years together, had ended hopelessly at the deception of their children’s father.

Shakira has always publicly boasted about her good relationship with her mother-in-law Montserrar Bernabeu.When it was revealed that Shakira had started a relationship with Piqué, the player’s mother disagreed. He didn’t like the fact that his son fell in love with a woman ten years his senior who worked in show business. – Photo: Europapresse

That explains, says the Spanish journalist, the Colombian’s most recent provocations against her parents-in-law: from hanging the figurine of a mysterious witch gazing at her house – which is the way it is right now – to blasting it at full volume every morning for the past few days, with the collaboration she launched on January 11 with Argentinian producer Bizarrap , and in whose lyrics Piqué’s mother is mentioned: “You left me as your mother-in-law’s neighbor, with the press at your door and the debt in the treasury.”

The Spanish press asserts that relations are so broken that Shakira even ordered the construction of a wall separating the two houses once and for all.

She wasn’t the desired daughter-in-law

The curious thing, however, is that the relationship between the artist from Barranquilla and Montserrat — with a degree in medicine and surgery, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and married for more than three decades to Joan Piqué, a Catalan lawyer and businessman — has always been full of ups and downs. .

This is what Víctor Gayarre, a veteran journalist who has worked for various media outlets in Spain and has closely followed the relationship between Shakira and the soccer star, assures SEMANA of.

Montserrat Bernabeu Shakira Montserrat Bernabeu Shakira Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s mother during a Copa del Rey match: Barcelona vs. Sevilla. (Photo by Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images) – Photo: Europa Press via Getty Images

In 2010, “when it became known that Shakira had started a relationship with Piqué, the player’s mother disagreed. He didn’t like the fact that his son fell in love with a woman ten years his senior who worked in show business. This mixture seemed fatal to him.

He didn’t want such a woman for a 22-year-old Piqué, who shone at the height of his career at Barça. “And on top of that, she wasn’t Catalan, which also upset Mrs. Bernabéu,” says the journalist.

And he emphasizes that Piqué was considered a “young, handsome man worth millions” at the time. And not just any millionaire. It was from the cradle.” His grandfather, Amador Bernabéu, is a history of FC Barcelona, ​​and his parents belong to the lively Catalan bourgeoisie, “so closed off that they treat anyone whose origin and surname they don’t know as an intruder see”.

When the then-Barça defender told his family that he had fallen in love with the Colombian and both would confirm this to the press, Montserrat, now 60, was “shocked” that she wasn’t the daughter he wanted -law, he says.

It happened like this: In March 2011, the artist made their relationship official on Twitter by posting a photo with the then-culé player: “He introduced them to my sun,” said a smitten Shakira. Millions of Colombian supporters responded enthusiastically. “The Spanish press freaked out,” Gayarre recalls.

But in Esplugues de Llobregat, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the Catalan capital, where Piqué’s parents live, Montserrat spent bitter hours. “It is that for many traditional families in Barcelona, ​​even if you are from Madrid, you are already an intruder. Imagine you are from Colombia!” he adds.

Shakira will have custody of her children Milan and Sasha following her split from Gerard Piqué.  Photo: Instagram @ShakiraThe Piqués question Shakira’s pressure on her children against her ex-partner’s family, particularly her ex-in-laws. Photo: Instagram @Shakira – Photo: Photo: Instagram @Shakira

And although by then Shakira was already an international star, grossing millions, being the best-selling artist in Spanish and wowing the world with her waka waka, the anthem for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, to Montserrat she was simply “an interloper”.

According to Gayarre, “everything to do with her annoyed him. That he was ten years older than his son. That she was a singer, even if she was very successful. That she wasn’t Catalan, or at least didn’t come from any recognizable family. And he also felt that because he was older, he could wield and manipulate piqué at will.

Certain that the Barranquilla woman would only be a passing whim of Piqué — disgraced by fame and the chance to date an international music star — Montserrat told her closest friends that the age difference will take its toll sooner rather than later would relationship and that Shakira, whom she called “my mother-in-law”, would not settle in Barcelona.

But then Shakira settled permanently in this city, and shortly after that the grandchildren arrived. First Milan, after a year of dating, and then Sasha in 2014.

“Over time, he had no choice but to get used to the idea and I think there were times when they even got close and they were even seen together in the Barça boxes, mainly when their children were bornthe great weakness of the entire piqué family,” admits the journalist.

The worst signs of the ex-mother-in-law soon came true: Gerard gradually separated from his parents in order to write his long love story with the Colombian. “And I think Montserrat hated that life. Seeing your son in gossip magazines and most of all being treated as “the friend of”. Over time he had no choice but to get used to it.”

It is that Montserrat, with its discreet personality, belongs to a completely different world. Much of his career was developed at the renowned Institut Guttmann, the leader in the comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with brain damage, spinal cord injuries and other neurological diseases. She headed the Brain Injuries department until 2018 and is now co-director of the Institut Guttmann Foundation.

Now, a far cry from the days when Shakira called her “my mother-in-law,” the artist can’t stand Montserrat. And the Piqué family’s feelings towards the Colombian are mutual. According to Spanish broadcaster Telecinco’s Sálvame program, which had access to a private audio from one of the family members, the Piqués are united under the same sentiment surrounding the Barranquillera: “Let them out of our lives.”

As revealed on the show, “They don’t care if life is good or bad (for Shakira), but they ask her to definitely get out of her life.”

Likewise, They doubt that Shakira puts pressure on her children towards her ex-partner’s family, particularly apparently towards her ex-in-laws. for your quick approval and acceptance with your son’s new partner.

“Gerard recently had to convince one of his children for an hour to break into his grandparents’ house,” said the show, a kind of villainous mother-in-law and “silent enemy” who had to wait almost ten years for her prediction to come true: The Relationship between her son and the Colombian would not be forever.