Shakira supervises the feeding of Milan and Sasha at school

Shakira supervises the feeding of Milan and Sasha at school in this way

Shakira She is one of the most important Latin singers in the world because she has conquered the world not only with her songs but also with her character and the way she performs on stage. But 2022 was not at all easy for the performer of “Waka Waka”, considering that after more than 10 years of relationship with the former football player Gerard PiqueShe announced their split because her children’s father was unfaithful to her. Now it is the Colombian who has to take care of her children and thus takes care of feeding Sasha and Milan.

A distinction must be made between the year of employment Shakira with what was personal. As for the music, it could not have been better considering that she released three successful songs and that although two of them were addressed to her ex-husband, they became one of the most listened to. On the other hand, it is not known when the performer of “Ojos así” will return to the stage.

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Shakira had a great year at work. Source Instagram @shakira

The personal scope for Shakira It was difficult considering he had to face the tax evasion case before the Spanish Treasury and then go through with the separation Gerard Pique, father of her children. The reason: The former footballer is said to have cheated on her with a young woman named Clara Chía Martí. Since then, the former couple began a legal battle to see who would retain custody of their two children, Sasha and Milan.

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Shakira with Sasha and Milan. Source Instagram @shakira

After several months the time had come Shakira who stayed with his children and therefore moved to Miami with them. As the mother who is present, she controls Sasha and Milán’s diet and prepares the lunch box they take to school. The singer wakes up very early and starts preparing things for her children, such as the clothes or the snack they will bring.

So that they pay attention to their diet and do not overdo it with some foods, Shakira He packs fruit in her lunch box, healthy snacks with low doses of fat and sodium. Starting this year, Sasha and Milan have to go to school in Miami, where the singer has a mansion, and they have to rebuild their lives.