Shakira reveals the NAME of her NEW album inspired by

Shakira reveals the NAME of her NEW album inspired by her BREAKDOWN with Gerard Piqué

The latest song Shakira titled “Monotony, It was a smash hit, like most of the albums he’s released throughout his career, so much has been speculated new CD that the Colombian might take out next year. And it is that users already confirm that disclosed the Surname from him a musical production that would be inspired on the separation With Gerard Pique.

Without a doubt, “Monotonia” gave a lot to talk about, and not just because Shakira ventured into the world of bachata with this song in collaboration with Ozuna, but because it includes a series of references in the lyrics and in the video dedicated to his former partner Gerard Piquewho is now in a new relationship with Clara Chía Martí.

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The Barranquillera would have taken advantage of her social networks to post a mysterious phrase ostensibly about “Halloween,” but fans think her content is more special and that’s in her disclosed what would that be Surname from his new CDwhich, according to the singer himself, is not finished and is still working on it.

I thought the album was done. But every time I go into the studio to tweak a verse or mix a song that’s almost done, I end up with new music because I’m feeling creative right now and I feel like this is an amazing opportunity for me is to make sense of things.

Shakira reveals the name of her new album, which could be inspired by Gerard Piqué

Said rumors about the references in Monotonía came to light because in a recent interview for Elle magazine Shakira He affirmed that music serves as an outlet in the face of adversity that life has thrown in front of him. Therefore, many netizens assured that said melody was inspired in his separation With Gerard Pique.

Despite the fact that the singer recently released the song “Monotony”, her fans are waiting for the news of a New discso they followed the Colombian’s every move to see if it gave a clue as to what this musical production, which apparently provided a small detail that made everyone cringe, might be.

Via her Instagram account, the Colombian made a video with the different “Monotony” costumes that served as a source of inspiration for many women last “Halloween” night. But the strangest thing is that in the description of the release, the Colombian wrote the phrase “That’s right, life is a tragicomedy‘ many of his fans began to suspect that this might be the case Surname from his new CD what will be inspired on the separation With Gerard Pique.

It’s worth mentioning Shakira didn’t take new CD Ever since 2017’s “El Dorado”, all Colombian music lovers have been eagerly awaiting a new musical production from the Colombian that will have greater significance as everything is pointing towards inspired on the separation With Gerard Pique, and it could even be dedicated to his emotional healing process after the soccer player confirmed his relationship with Clara Chía Martí.