Shakira released a new reference to pique on Valentines Day

Shakira released a new reference to piqué on “Valentine’s Day.”

Shakira once again positioned herself among the main trends on social media for a song that would have a special dedication to her ex-partner and father of her children. Gerard Pique. And it is that the Colombian star did not want to let that happen valentines day and shared a mysterious video cleaning his house while listening to a heartwarming heartbreak song in the background.

Is about kill billa theme by the American composer SZA in December 2022. It first drew attention that the Pies descalzos singer was shown mopping a hallway in her kitchen while wearing rather high heels, but minutes later social media users pointed out that this song revealed her true feelings towards of the former Spanish soccer player would reveal.

The couple split in June 2022 after approximately 12 years together. (Photo Instagram: @Shakira)

And the song matters the story of a woman who is not only hurt because she has lost her partner, but also because she has realized how happy she is about her new conquest. This coincides with the break between Shakira and Piqué, because since they split with Clara Chía amid rumors about an alleged infidelity of the footballer, the new lovers walked around Spain very smiling and even, They have already published their first selfie together.

Shakira’s posting sparked debate among Instagram users, while some felt that starting an affair with Clara Chía was a painful devotion to Piqué for ending his roughly 12-year relationship, others pointed out that it was would have a background of revenge. in one part he mentions that he wants to figuratively kill her.

Clara Chía was seen at a well-known spa in Barcelona enjoying the sweetness of being Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend. (Photo: @3gerardpique/Instagram)

– I’m still your fan, even though I held grudges. I hate seeing you with another girl, I know you are happy. I hate to see you happy when I’m not the reason. They are so mature, I am so mature, I am so mature that I got myself a therapist who tells me there are other men.

– I don’t want anyone, I just want you. If I can’t have you, nobody should. Maybe, maybe I killed my ex, not the best idea. His new girlfriend is next, how did I get here? I may have killed my ex even though I still love him. I’d rather be in prison than alone.

I have a feeling it’s hopeless, I have a feeling that you really love her. This message will be a test, the message is a test. I’m trying to work this out with you, no murder, no crimes of passion. But damn you were out of my league, you were at the market with your perfect little fruit.

– Now I’m amazed to see how far my patience stretches. Now that you’re upside down, you make me sing about it.

I did everything for love. I did all this without drugs. I did everything sober. I have done everything for us. WhatDon’t you know that I’ve done everything for us?

-Oh I just killed my ex, not the best idea. I killed your girlfriend downstairs how did I get here? I just killed my ex even though I still love him. I’d rather be in hell than alone.

Their collaboration has become one of the most listened to on audio platforms. (Photo Instagram: @shakira)

Weeks before the anthology interpreter and the former Barcelona footballer confirmed their split, rumors of an alleged infidelity behind their estrangement circulated. Amid the speculation, Shakira launched congratulations in collaboration with Rauw Alejandro, where he launched some hints for his partner at the time.

then premiered monotony, where he spoke heart-in-hand about the end of his romance. Most recently, he broke social media when he took out everything on his music sessions with bizarre rap.