Shakira is not well respected in Piqué’s family and they want her out of their life

Shakira is not well respected in Piqué’s family and they want her out of their life

The controversy between Shakira Y Gerhard Pique does not end and is now living a new chapter. The ex-footballer’s family’s reaction to the “Music sessions 53“The fact that they premiered last week wasn’t the best, but the song continues to get people talking and they seem to be very upset.

After a few months since their split, Piqu started dating a new partner, Clara Chathe South American singer has used her songs to vent and throw some references to her children’s father, but with the latest song Bizarrap collaborated on, the Colombian makes clear references to it pique and even to clearwhich upset Gerard’s family.

According to the Telecinco program Sílvame, the presenter Mayte Amellla said there is an audio from someone in the family Gerard in which it is mentioned that they do not want the Colombian in their lives.

“The verdict is devastating, the truth is they feel a lot of pain and sadness, even bewilderment. What does this audio of the Piqu-Bernabu family say? I can’t say exactly who it is, but I assure you it’s direct audio from Piqu’s family. They don’t care if life is good or bad, but they do They demand that he be removed from their lives forever“, it was said.

Shakira manipulating her children?

subject of the process between Shakira Y piquewhich they believe will last for a long time, but they feel that the Colombian is using their children and manipulating them, which has affected the relationship between them Milan and Sascha with her paternal grandparents.

“It’s manipulation Shakira he will act against the family, in this case manipulating his own children against the paternal grandparents. What’s more: Gerard He had to spend an hour convincing one of his children to enter his grandparents’ house,” it said.