Shakira causes a stir by salsa dancing with Nick Jonas: VIDEO    Panorama

Shakira causes a stir by salsa dancing with Nick Jonas: VIDEO Panorama

Shakira caused a stir on social media Video this went viral in which we see the singer Salsa dancing with Nick Jonas. Following her split from Gerard Piqué, Shakira revealed that despite the scandals, she keeps her spirits up and has fun with her co-workers.

For now, Shakira works as a judge on the dance competition “Dancing with Myself”, and shares the stage with Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy. The show is a new format on television because it’s about ordinary people showing off their dancing skills, one of the Colombian’s specialities.

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So Shakira and Nick Jonas danced salsa

Shakira posted a video about the new episode of “Dancing with Myself” via her social media, in which she wrote “who else wants to see Nick Jonas moves”. In the video Shakira asks Nick Jonas if he dances salsa what the singer sometimes answers and why he asked. Eventually, Shakira admits that she wants to see his dance moves and invites him to salsa dance.

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Nick Jonas surprises salsa dancing with Shakira

Nick Jonas surprised everyone when he accepted Shakira’s invitation to salsa dance, as he did it so well that even the singer commented: “Are you sure you’re from New Jersey and not Colombia?”.

Comments about Shakira and Nick Jonas dancing salsa immediately fell on social networks. “I’ll never get over this moment: Shakira and Nick Jonas dance salsa. It was something I didn’t know I needed in my life‘ commented one netizen on Twitter.

Nick Jonas and Shakira
Shakira surprised Nick Jonas by asking him to salsa dance with her. Photo: Instagram @nickjonas

Despite its recent scandals Shakira looks very happy with her new projects, because not only is she a judge on Dancing with Myself, but she is also The Colombian is also an executive producer of the showwhich has made it one of the hottest celebrities of this 2022.