1672722937 Shakira begins 2023 with an important decision regarding her children

Shakira begins 2023 with an important decision regarding her children

Shakira starts 2023 with a new decision. According to Spanish press, the 45yearold singer has decided not to move permanently to Miami, Florida until June, when the children will finish the current school cycle at their school in Barcelona.

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Shakira spent Christmas and New Year’s week with her children in Dubai, and the boys spent New Year’s Eve with Piqué and his family and Clara Chía, their father’s new girlfriend.

The artist’s father is at home, but a team of doctors from Barcelona’s Teknon Clinic is taking care of William, which reassures Shakira.

Shakira spent Christmas traveling with the kids after the tumultuous year he had due to his breakup Gerhard Pique and any allegations against them by the Spanish tax authorities. The singer shared a photo with Milan and Sasha in the desert with a falcon and thanked fans for all their support over the past few months.

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“This Christmas in the desert looking for rest,” she said without revealing her destination, although the Spanish press revealed she had flown to Dubai on December 22.

“Thank you for all the love and support you have given me and my children this year. I wish you happy holidays. A toast to a year of peace and hope in 2023,” he wrote.

The Colombian received wishes of peace and love back for these yearend parties.

Singer Carlos Vives, one of his great friends, also commented: “Kiss Shak, may the young god bring you many good things for this year 2023. I love you.”

About two years ago, according to the Spanish press Shakira and expartners Gerhard Pique were consistent to try to be parents to a girl. The singer underwent some fertility treatments to ensure she would conceive with a girl, but something didn’t work out at the time.

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According to the newspaper El Nacional, it was the dream of the Colombian who, a few years ago, even had her eggs frozen so that in the future she could decide to look for the little girl she wanted so much.

In an interview with the publication at the time, the artist confessed her desire: “I would like to have a girl one day, but we’ll see, you never know what will happen. At the moment I’m happy with my boys.”

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to some of Shakira’s close friends if she decided to have a new, independent pregnancy now, even at 45:

“If it’s something she still really wants, she’ll get it,” a friend commented, adding that the singer is in very good health.

In 2017, Shakira confirmed that she and Piqué wanted another child and that she had given up on having 10 children and was already talking about having a girl: “But don’t pressure me.”


Shakira and her team were not pleased to see the singer’s name in the press, claiming that she has a close relationship with her surf instructor, who would also be the child’s teacher. The artist never lets gossip on a leash, but this time “out of respect” for her children, she issued a statement to clarify the news.

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A few days ago, the television station Univision announced that Shakira (45) would start a romance with her Gorka Ezkurdiaa handsome Basque surf instructor and marine photographer.

Gossip show El Gordo y la Flaca reported: “The young surf instructor is the same one we caught her surfing with some knowing looks last June. Far from the sea, the young man also lives in Shakira’s house, perhaps to teach her on land and at any time,” they said.

In a small press release, the Colombian decided to clarify her sentimental situation:

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“Out of respect for my children and the difficult time they are going through, I am asking the media to stop speculating. I have no other partner and no other illusions than to devote myself entirely to my children,” he emphasized.

Gorka Ezkurdia is a friend of the singer and responsible for the photos she usually takes at sea, whether surfing or not.

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Shakira begins 2023 with an important decision regarding her children

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