1674346892 Shakira and Piques next family celebration amid controversy

Shakira and Piqué’s next family celebration amid controversy

The past few months have been a rollercoaster ride for Gerard Piqué and Shakira, a period of change that began last spring when the former footballer and the Colombian singer decided to end their relationship after twelve years together and two children together, and which continued alongside the former captain’s subsequent resignation from FC Barcelona in November with the news of the new romance of Barça defender Clara Chía Martí. A year of great change that coincides with the tenth anniversary of the birth of the eldest of his childrenMilan Piquewho will blow out his birthday candles this Sunday a climate of controversy, the celebration of which raises many questions.

Shakira and Pique

Shakira and Pique

Gone are the celebrations in which the couple’s complicity and declarations of love were the protagonists, as well as the pleasant celebrations that took place in the relaxation of their residence in Barcelona, ​​surrounded by their four grandparents; Montserrat and Joan, Piqué’s parents, and Nidia and William, Shakira’s parents, and their closest friends. The context has nothing to do with what happened last year on the little boy’s ninth birthdaywhen the pair still appeared to be one of the most solid on the social scene, up to party a few days later a romantic Valentine’s Day evening in which Shakira allowed her community of more than 80 million followers to participate.

pique9;  and Clara Chia

Pique and Clara Chia

Now with The businessman fully invested in his new illusiona connection that seems to be growing stronger after recent images seen in La Cerdanya, Girona, where the former soccer player bought a home in 2015, and in full exchange of high-profile taunts after the launch of the hit BZRP Music Session# 53 and the consequences of his controversial texts, lThe celebration of this birthday proposes several unknowns.

Will they party together? Will the athlete’s new partner participate? Will the Barranquilla native agree with her ex-in-laws after the annotated placement of the rag witch on their home’s window overlooking their home?Will you choose other dates? Will Piqué use the appointment to reunite Clara with her parents because she has integrated so well into the Barcelona family? Is it now known in Barcelona that the children will finish the course in the city?

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pique9;  in the premier league

Piqué in the Kings League

The date, January 22nd, coincides with day four of the Kings Leaguewhose 6 games that will be played in Barcelona will be broadcast live by the official Twitch channel, so it is very likely that the founder of Kosmos and president of said league will be present on the set to watch the games together with Ibai and others comment participants.

For his part the monotonous performerwentwho has temporarily postponed her move to Miami with Shasha, 7, and Milan, has temporarily postponed her move to Miami with Shasha, 7, and Milan due to her 91-year-old father’s ailing health. It’s quite possible that you use your ex’s working day to visit your grandfather with the little ones and shower him with all kinds of pampering programs and care during his admission to the Teknon Quirón Clinic in Barcelona.

Shakira and bizarre rap

Shakira and bizarre rap

This birthday is part of the media storm of its protagonists and All secrets that are planned about him will be added to what will take place exactly a week later, on January 29, when Sasha turns 8 years old. “Milan, on your day I look back and see how much you have grown and how you are beginning to blossom. You never cease to amaze me. How loving and generous you are to your family and friends. The values ​​you already hold holding on to such a young age and the colossal effort you put into everything you do increases your talent and lets you shine with your own light,” the singer said proudly last year.

Be that as it may, and while all indications are that the ex-partner’s current relationship isn’t the best, the two have shown themselves on numerous occasions her desire to put her children above all circumstances and situationsso it’s possible that as long as they live in Barcelona they can enjoy moments with them… who knows if they’ll blow out the candles too.


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