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Shakira and Piqué: The day the footballer refused a kiss to the Colombian singer

Gerard Piqué and Shakira have been embroiled in the controversy for several months after singing itwill confirm their split after twelve years of relationship.

International media also followed the thread of the situation and reported an alleged deception between the footballer and his current partner Clara Chia Marti.

Social network users have taken it upon themselves to look for every moment when the player was rough with the Colombian singer, so recently the moment when Piqué refused Shakira a kiss after winning the Copa del Rey against Athletic Bilbao in 2015.

during the celebration The FC Barcelona player posed with his ex-partner. However, in one of the moments of the photo session, the defender turned Shakira’s face, leaving her humiliated in front of the thousands of spectators who witnessed this moment.

Not only was this caught on video, but several local media outlets who were present made it public on social media and gave people a lot to talk about at the time.

Following their split, the pop singer has opened up about the various abuses she suffered while in a relationship with the center.

Another similar moment happened at a celebration in Barcelona, ​​where the former president of the Catalan club was seen with piqué and on the other side with his ex-partner. During the ceremony, the player was recognized by his current club and Shakira excitedly tried to hug and kiss him but the Catalan just turned his faceand leaves them hanging in the air with applause.

It is worth remembering that amidst rumors of Piqué’s alleged infidelity, the Colombian decided to inform her fans that she is starting a separation process. Now, the singer will live in Miami with her two young children while attorneys pursue the legal process.


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