Shakira and bizarre rap are making thousands of dollars every day for their new song

Shakira and bizarre rap are making thousands of dollars every day for their new song

Shakira and Bizarrap released the single on January 11th around 19:00 Colombian time and within minutes it became one of the most played on the platforms, reaching 25 million views in the first 11 hours on YouTube.

With phrases like: “She has a good person’s name, she’s clearly the same as you. For guys like you. I was big to you and that’s why you’re with someone like you,” Shakira made of her break into a new hit. “Session #53” is littered with references to the 22-year-old, who is currently dating Gerard Piquewhich is not only mentioned because of its age, but also Shakira draws comparisons with a low-end vehicle like the Twingo.

After the first 24 hours on the Youtube platform, the song by Shakira and Bizarrap reached a record of 67 million views. The woman from Barranquilla topped Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito,” which racked up 24.8 million views in the first 12 hours. Those big numbers translate into cash for the Barranquilla singer and Argentinian producer.

The “Digital Music News” portal has described in detail how much money was generated per hour with “Session #53”.

According to the portal, YouTube is the platform that pays musicians the worst, at around $0.00069 per play, which means that it has generated $68,250 on this platform.

Spotify is next in the rankings at $0.0037 per listen, on the first day the song received 15 million streams that turned into $55,500.

The numbers improve when it comes to less-used apps, like Apple Music — which claims to pay an average of $0.01 per listen — or Tidal, the platform that gives musicians the most, giving them $0.0125 dollars for the same concept.

According to the study, the artists earned $85,000 on YouTube in the first four days. In the case of Spotify, the compensation would be around $160,000 despite a third of the listeners in the same period.