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Shaggy saves sold-out Lake Festival party – La Tribune

The evening of Sean Kingston and Shaggy left no one indifferent on the penultimate evening of the Fête du Lac des Nations. Shortly before 8 p.m., the festival-goers waited patiently in endless queues to enter the grounds of Jacques Cartier Park. Around 8:00 p.m. everyone had to go home without tickets; The site was fully booked, a first for the Fête du Lac des Nations.

While the majority of festival-goers traveled for Sean Kingston, many preferred Shaggy’s concert. The singer and musician, best known for his hits “It Wasn’t Me”, “Boombastic” and “Angel”, put on a refreshing show despite the sweltering heat of the audience, but above all showed himself with an infectious energy that delighted the audience, who were now soothed by Sean Kingston’s disappointing performance.

Record attendance at the Fête du Lac des Nations

A wild audience for Shaggy, who gave an exclusive show in Sherbrooke, the organization announced before he took the stage.

“Fire Burns” on the main stage, not really

It’s thanks to the audience that Sean Kingston’s performance wasn’t a complete flop. The crowd sang the lyrics to “Beautiful Girls” and “Somebody call 911” at the top of their lungs while the artist spoke with his lips. Technical sound problems made it impossible for him to carry his voice far, especially when singing.

After three songs, the audience even cheered and demanded more volume in the microphone. “Turn up the sound, turn up the sound…” cried the audience, dissatisfied at hearing virtually nothing – perhaps it should have been called in English for the artist to align the shoot with the production?

Due to sound problems in Sean Kingston's microphone, not all festival-goers could hear the audience's long-awaited singer well.

The atmosphere was mixed; The people in front of the stage had an unforgettable evening and the people behind said they were very disappointed. Some jogged around hoping to find a better seat, others opted to enjoy the evening with friends without neglecting the technical details. Sean Kingston’s somewhat abrupt exit from the stage did not surprise festival-goers, who quickly scouted for a spot to watch the fireworks. Sean Kingston did not offer the audience an encore.

No to umbrellas, but what to do with camping chairs?

This year, the organization of the Fête du Lac des Nations decided to ban umbrellas “for safety reasons”. A warning that festival-goers still don’t get, because volunteers and security forces have been removing umbrellas from the entrances en masse since Tuesday.

“When the screens are open, the view of the people behind is limited. People are being asked to bring a raincoat or poncho instead,” Cindy Trottier said earlier this week.

However, camping chairs are still allowed, despite the very poor floor of the main stage. The mud is so pervasive that several festival-goers have fallen since the celebrations began. Movement on the ground was very difficult due to the nature of the ground, but also due to the maximum number of people.

Festival-goers wondered about the space the camp chairs took up, but also the travel issues they caused given the record number of people on the site. The organization could not expect such a rush, but maybe the chairs would have to be removed for safety reasons?

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