Sex at the BBB 2023 Bruna Griphao says she wants

Sex at the BBB 2023: Bruna Griphao says she wants to do it "Yes, really" syringes

Speaking to Fred and Larissa this early Sunday (22), Bruna Gripao said that liking someone without having sex is weird.

According to the actress, she wants to “feel the real” because it’s different under the covers.

conversation context. Fred told Bruna that if the relationship with Gabriel is too cute, the audience might get tired.

He said the pair sped things up and Larissa agreed: “You need to think about yourself more. You came here alone and you will go alone. I know it’s difficult, but try to separate the game and the relationship a little.”

Bruna also said that she would speak to the program’s psychologist because she misses Gabriel when she’s away.

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