Sex at 45 meters on the Ferris wheel in front of the children: arrested

Sex at 45 meters on the Ferris wheel in front of the children: arrested

Do sex on one ferris wheel before the children and are arrested. A man and woman ended up in handcuffs after being unable to control the excessive passion that drove them to have sex in broad daylight in a public place in full view of children staying at Sandusky’s Cedar Point amusement park. in the state of Ohio, USA.

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Reporting what happened at 45 meters were the boys, two adults and the other minors, who reported to police that they had seen the couple on a cart in clear actions behind them. According to a Sandusky police report, the boys saw the man and woman explicitly exchange nude effusions: “They also claimed that they could shake the trolley and see both the male and female turn and moving forth,” the report said. .

It seems that the couple had also noticed that they were being watched but hadn’t even indicated to stop, they were laughing while continuing to do what they were doing. Surprised by the police, the two tried to justify themselves by saying that she was bending down to pick up something that had fallen and that her partner was helping her. Only after the long interrogation in the barracks did they admit to having had sex, but explained that they did not know that the witnesses to the scene were minors.

Last updated: Thursday 18 August 2022 19:15