Severe weather expected in parts of Germany    also in the Alps

Severe weather expected in parts of Germany also in the Alps

Storms over the Free State are slowly moving towards Austria and the Czech Republic. The German weather service therefore lowered its alert to Saturday. Only in the extreme south of Bavaria can heavy rain be expected until early afternoon (alert level 3). Specifically affected are: the district and city of Rosenheim, the district of Traunstein, the district of Altötting and the Land Berchtesgadener. Precipitation amounts between 50 l/m² and 80 l/m² can occur here.

But also in large parts of Upper and Lower Bavaria, heavy rains of up to 35 l/m² may still occur on Saturday.

Aquaplaning accidents and hundreds of fire operations

According to the Fire Department, last night was relatively mild. The number of accidents and injuries in Bavaria was limited. This was explained by a spokesman for the situation center in Bavaria.

In Lower Bavaria, aquaplaning took place on individual federal roads, as reported by Passauer Neue Presse. However, no one was seriously injured in the accident. According to the police, there were also no major operations in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Allgäu, where the highest alert level was declared at level 4.

Mure left in Oberstdorf

In the Allgäu, only a few minor roads were flooded. The announcement was made by the Southwest Police Headquarters, upon request. A small debris flow occurred near Oberstdorf, but in an uninhabited area. In the evening, the Lindau-Bregenz railway line was closed as a precaution, but the lock was lifted around 11pm.

Hundreds of fire operations in Upper Bavaria

In the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen district of Upper Bavaria, rain flooded fields and meadows on Friday. However, the water could not flow there and ran through streets and properties in many places.

In Großmehring, Manching and Schrobenhausen, the integrated control center has more than 200 firefighter deployments. Above all, many cellars are full because, for example, the check valves are not working properly. The streets were under water because the water in the ravines could no longer drain. According to the control center, a supermarket parking lot in Großmehring was completely flooded. By Friday night, however, the weather had calmed down again and it was just drizzling over the affected areas.

In the Pfaffenhofen ad Ilm district, at around 10 pm on Friday night, there were still 180 fire operations to complete. Emergency services had to pump out flooded basements and protect flooded streets.

Hydroplaning on the road

The Günzburg road police reported several aquaplaning accidents with a total of four injured and around €200,000 in property damage. The aquaplaning took place on the A7, A8 and B28 motorways in Senden, Neu-Ulm, Burgau, Leipheim and Günzburg, “road users lost control of their vehicles several times,” police said.

Heavy rain and gusts of wind

The German Weather Service (DWD) warned on Friday of heavy rains and landslides, especially in southern Germany – up to 80 liters per square meter are possible in a few hours.

There is an additional danger because the soil has hardened from the drought of the last few weeks. Therefore, they could not absorb the large amounts of precipitation.

There were also severe storms in neighboring countries on Thursday and Friday – some with fatal consequences. Five people died in Austria as a result of falling trees and at least eleven others were injured. According to authorities, six people were killed in the storm on the French island of Corsica and another 20 were injured, some seriously.

Flood: These counties and cities could be affected

In Bavaria, the constant rain caused the water level in many rivers to rise. Areas of the smaller southern tributaries of the upper Danube, the Altmühl, on the upper reaches of the Iller and Lech, the tributaries of Lake Constance and the Inn area were particularly affected on Saturday, the Bavaria flood news service reported: “In large and larger rivers can be observed at the level measurement points with notification level classification, the amounts of rain only caused overflows.”

Due to the dynamic development of the climate, however, floods are difficult to predict. According to meteorologists, the risk of floods and landslides is not over.

The second of three flood alert levels applies to several districts of Bavaria on Saturday. Rivers can overflow and cause flooding, but built-up areas should not be flooded on a large scale.

The alert level applies to the following counties:

Upper Bavaria: Pfaffenhofen ad Ilm, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen

lower bavaria: Kelheim

Swabia: City and district of Augsburg, district of Donau-Ries, district of Neu-Ulm, district of Günzburg, district of Aichach-Friedberg, district of Dillingen ad Donau

High Palatinate: Schwandorf

Early warning of floods in several counties

There is currently a flood warning (level 1) (from 11:30 am) in the following districts: Landshut, Dingolfing-Landau, Altötting, Traunstein, Berchtesgadener Land.