Several dead after shooting in Rotterdam suspect in custody

Several dead after shooting in Rotterdam: suspect in custody

According to police reports, a 32-year-old man shot at people in two locations. A specific number of victims has not been released at this time.

According to police, several people were killed in a shooting in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam on Thursday. A police spokeswoman said this on the radio. She did not give an exact number. It was initially reported that a total of three people were injured in the shooting at the university clinic and an apartment in Rotterdam. Police arrested a suspect. He also allegedly set fire to the clinic.

The fire is reportedly under control. Authorities wanted to brief the media at a press conference that evening (6:45 p.m.). Police in the Dutch port city said the suspect was a 32-year-old man from Rotterdam.

Shots at university hospital

Media previously reported that at least one person was killed in the apartment. According to a spokesperson, police presume one of the perpetrators is responsible for both incidents. According to witnesses, the man in military combat clothing shot people with a firearm in a classroom at Rotterdam University Hospital.

Fire had also occurred in both locations and the fires were under control. However, several departments in the hospital were evacuated. Doctors, nursing staff and patients had to leave the clinic. The police were mobilized with helicopters and special forces. Armed units searched the clinic and arrested the man. How the two incidents are related is still being investigated. (APA)