If Seu Madruga didnt pay the rent why wasnt he

Seu Madruga appears alongside his two children in a rare photo on Instagram Online Séries

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Photo Disclosure / Televisa

Ramon Valdes convinced the audience with his good humor and his talent as Seu Madruga in “Chaves”. Alongside Carlos Villagrán (Quico), he became one of the most popular characters in the series and is fondly remembered by fans.

The actor’s daughter, Carmen Vadés, manages an Instagram profile where she posts rare photos in honor of her father. In one of these pictures, she and her brother Esteban Valdés appear alongside the star at a young age.

“A beautiful morning in your pajamas!! Can you see what my brother Esteban’s face and mine reflect? We knew it was going to be a sensational day! But what a way to make us happy, thank you dad for so much love!” Carmen wrote in the caption, thanking her dad for the special day they shared with him.


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Ramón Valdés died on August 9, 1988 from complications from cancer that started in his stomach but eventually spread to other parts of his body.

At that time the actor was 64 years old. He was buried in Mausoleos del Ángel in Mexico City.