Sessions in Venezuela I Meeting of Young Parliamentarians

Sessions in Venezuela I Meeting of Young Parliamentarians

Opening the meeting was incumbent on the first vice president of the National Assembly (parliament) Pedro Infante, who exposed the vicissitudes the legislature endured between 2016 and 2021 as it was used by the right to destabilize the Venezuelan state.

He recalled that the opposition, with the complicity of the US government, had stolen the country’s assets abroad and used Parliament as a platform to attack the population.

The MP stressed that the National Assembly is in a process of re-institutionalization, which is shown by the celebration of this meeting between young parliamentarians from neighboring countries, which also breaks with the isolation imposed by northern nations.

Infante celebrated that 40 percent of Venezuela’s lawmakers are under the age of 35, showing the Bolivarian government’s confidence in the sector, giving it a place in public authority.

At the meeting, young lawmakers from Venezuela and Colombia proposed creating multipolar legal mechanisms to ensure peace and the integration of the countries of South America.

Likewise, the active participation of indigenous peoples was demanded for the recognition of the Amazon as a way of life and survival for mankind.

In this context, Norman Bañol, member of the House of Representatives of the Colombian Congress for the particular indigenous constituency, stated that the ancestral peoples in the region coexisted with this biodiversity scheme for centuries.

Colombian Congresswoman María Fernanda Carrascal advocated the establishment of a multilateral fund to advance protection of the Amazon and create spaces to fight climate change.

Tomorrow, delegates to this first meeting of young parliamentarians will visit the Fe Socialista Municipality in Caracas on January 23 to speak with the community and share experiences.

The event dealt with topics such as Border of Peace, Youth Parliamentary Agenda, Amazonia and for Gender Equality in four working tables.