Sertanejo used public funds Ze Neto apologizes to Anitta and

Sertanejo used public funds: Zé Neto apologizes to Anitta and Rouanet

Posted in CULTURA on 5/21/2022 5:53 p.m

Fear of losing the town hall sponsorshipin as a result of the attacks on the singer Anitta and the Rouanet lawThat Singer Zé Neto, who forms a country duo with Cristiano, sent a video in your Instagram Stories ask Apologies and dismissal of hateful messages that circulated after his controversial remarks.

“It was never our intention to incite hatred for my children’s lives. We wanted to express the side of those who live on the farm, on the farm. My apologies to those who got it wrong,” he said. in a video posted around 6am this Saturday (21).

“I wanted to rebuke all kinds of hate that is built up because of a wrong expression of mine. I’m sorry for the people who were offended,” said the singer in the video this Saturday. “Thanks to the people who have supported me. But I don’t support hate. I’m not after an engagement, I’m just after peace.”

During a in Sorriso (MS) in the last 12th of May, That Compatriot attacked Anitta and said that She relies on the Rouanet Law when citing a tattoo of the Carioca artist.

“We are artists who are not dependent on Lei Rouanet, our fee is paid by the people, we don’t have to get a tattoo on the ‘Toba’ to show whether we’re fine or not, we just come here and sing,” he attacked. Zé Neto.

Days later, despite the negative effects, That Singer returned to attack Anitta when you reply to a fan on social media. Asked about the argument with the singer, he answered.

“Actually, it’s like this: I have a very big defect when I drink. I speak a lot of truths. Let’s say these things don’t concern me, no,” replied the sertanejo.

Although he said he didn’t need the Rouanet law, as if it were wrong to use it, data from the transparency portal shows that the show where Zé Neto made the statement is paid by the Municipality of Sorriso in the amount of R$ became 400 thousand.

Tico Santa Cruz speaks of shooting Zé Neto in the foot: criticized Anitta and Rouanet in a show paid for by the town hall

THAT Rocker Tico Santa Cruz from the band Detonautas in addition went down in history to warn via social networks, singer Zé Neto, on the criticism he makes and the care he has to take not to reveal his “glass roof”. This is because during a recent show in the city of Sorriso (MT), the compatriot indirectly “pinned” the singer Anitta and preached against the Rouanet law, a mechanism to promote culture.

“If you’re billing, paying taxes, moving local communities’ economies, and bringing fun to people, what’s the problem? The problem is putting out a statement where they criticize artists who make money from an incentive law which is actually the case from tax exemptions from a private company while they make millions of reais then yes from our money, that kind of Make the presentation as if this speech was given,” Tico criticized Santa Cruz in a text posted on Facebook.

“At the end of the day, Zé Neto shot himself in the foot and even, if not the lack of knowledge on the subject raised, revealed a great deal of hypocrisy,” continues the leader of Detonautas.