Sertanejo Munhoz confirms end of relationship with Alana Neto Follow

Sertanejo Munhoz confirms end of relationship with Alana Neto: ‘Follow it alone’

Country singer Munhoz, of the duo with Mariano, announced tonight that he has split from agronomist Alana Neto, his partner of almost a year. The artist said the ending was amicable and asked for respect at this delicate moment.

“As anyone can see, Alana and I haven’t been here in a while. Unfortunately we each go our own way, love and respect each other,” Munhoz wrote on Instagram under the caption for a photo that appears alongside the young woman.

“Please, I ask from the bottom of my heart, I don’t want anyone bothering me and Alana with hate messages. let me take care of my life Thank you all,” the musician concluded.

Munhoz and Alana Neto started dating in September last year. Their romance caused quite a stir when it became official just eight months after his split from nutritionist Rhayssa Carvalho. The union lasted less than a year and he even mentioned in the end that he felt guilty about being “wrong” with his ex.