“Serious Heart Attack”: The Drama by Giorgio Tirabassi |  That’s how he is today

“Serious Heart Attack”: The Drama by Giorgio Tirabassi | That’s how he is today

Giorgio Tirabassi experienced a real nightmare. The famous actor reveals the drama that put him in grave danger

Things went right complicated also for him Giorgio Tirabassia famous actor dealing with a terribly bad. But how are you today after this episode? Actor and director, these are the qualities that best describe the career of Giorgio Tirabassi.

the drama of Giorgio Tirabassi

A man who was born in Rome and worked at the for about 10 years company out Gigi Proietti, a place where he learned a lot to then continue on his way. In the mid-1980s, the actor made his debut in small screen, in production of Dreams and Needs. And then go out into the world cinematicin the movie Snackbar Budapest.

Over the years he manages to get one Fame more and more important, something that allows him to interpret quite important roles. We therefore see him participating in various work projects such as Police District, Mobile Squad, High School Students and many others fiction. In short, one success after another.

Giorgio Tirabassi and the drama around the corner

the drama of Giorgio Tirabassi

Giorgio Tirabassi has managed to receive a large number of awards, including the David by Donatello, prize taken home for the short film Non dire gatto. Things didn’t always go well for the actor, because a few years ago he had to end his career due to an accident Heart attack that had hit him. In November 2019, while busy presenting the film The Great Leap, the actor blamed everyone symptoms attached toHeart attack.

Luckily, the rescue service was there immediately, which quickly brought him to actionAvezzano Hospital then be emergency operation at coronary. After the operation Tirabassi He remained in the hospital under observation for a few days. Surely the actor has nothing to do today but to thank the doctors who treated him saved his life.

But he’s taken one now decision. Completely change his life. It was he himself who explained that he had made the decision to do so give up cigarettes and to be preferred move on foot instead of by car. And it’s thanks to these small changes Giorgio Tirabassi he said he felt much better. A new man with a lot more energy and vitality.

Subsequent toHeart attack The actor also resumed his career and returned to the set again. He then began work on the film, directed by Gabrielle Mainettifreaks out