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Series that are cancelled

It never ceases to amaze me how much free time people have. There are people who beg you week after week to recommend a show. Sometimes they call themselves seriĆ©philes, sometimes they don’t call themselves at all and just want to kill the time between now and the day they die.

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According to Las Provincias newspaper, 4,382 series were available on platforms in Spain in June 2022. Today, at the end of January 2023, there will be (at least) about fifty more. We live in a happy audiovisual bubble that will one day burst. We will miss those days of TV bulimia.

For several months, viewers have seen the series we’re looking forward to being canceled without a worthy ending. As if all series shouldn’t end with a mysterious moment (the so-called cliffhanger) if the thing works, and as if the industry hasn’t always had a habit of dropping the orange until the end, until the pulp is crushed. As if Lost wasn’t a fraud whose ending could only be compared to Los Serrano; although at least in Los Serrano they were honest about that ending.

Endless canceled series are the beginning of the end of this golden age. People who have so much free time to watch shows will gradually turn their smiles into disappointment when they start ordering an ice cream with an MBA, watching shows that are completely different in terms of theme, script, cast, setting are homogeneous. The platform market is at its peak.

They already have our metrics, our big data. The canceled series are the beginning.

The canceled series are the beginning. Enjoy while you can and don’t choke because there are many things in life you can do besides watch TV.

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