Sergio Mayer explodes in the middle of an interview when

Sergio Mayer explodes in the middle of an interview when asked about Garibaldi

Recently there was one awkward moment during an interview the journalist conducted Matilde Obregón to Sergio Mayer, Finalist of the first season of La Casa de los Famosos México. It is being sharply criticized in the networks after the clip went viral.

It all started as a journalist wanted to ask the singer about it about reuniting with his former colleagues as he taped the reality show TV. And they created GB5a new group and they didn’t invite him!

This sparked controversy and alleged details about Sergio Mayer’s handling of taking over the leadership of the former group came to light. That’s probably what was said made bad decisionsThe kept most of the profits and that he was treated poorly by certain former members.

That’s why the entertainment journalist answered the question about her former colleagues’ return to the stage: It bothered him that he insisted on answering and he demanded professionalism, saying he had more important things to share, like his projects.

They devote a lot of time to it (Garibaldi). There are so many problems.”

Sergio Mayer

Despite it, Matilde Obregon insisted ever since I was hoping to get a controversial or emotional statement, So he asked him if he cried when he found out about the betrayal, but the famous man was blunt:

Sergio Mayer lost his temper in the middle of the interview.

“This question seems absurd to me. Be formal and respectful, these questions are irrelevant. “I don’t have to be with them,” he said.

Sergio Mayer

To close the topic, Mayer told him he was hurting, but he never cried. Well, it’s not about working with them. As expected, his reaction hasn’t gone unnoticed since then A whole debate broke out on social networks Well, some supported his stance while others believe he overdid it and that he should be grateful for opening up spaces for him.