Sérgio Hondjakoff’s mother says she and actor’s father will undergo therapy

Sérgio Hondjakoff’s mother says she and actor’s father will undergo therapy

Carmen Lucia Hondjakoff, mother of actor Sergio Hondjakoff, 37, said she, the actor’s father and stepmother, will be undergoing therapy. The actor was admitted to a clinic in Sorocaba, São Paulo last Saturday to undergo treatment for chemical addiction.

In an interview with Quem, Sergio’s mother explained that family members became codependent: “I, Sérgio’s father and his wife, will also have a followup with therapist Sandro Barros (therapeutic specialist in ‘chemical independence’). With the repeated years situation (of chemical dependency) we became codependent. Sandro will help us in this endeavor”.

Carmen is convinced of the new treatment for her son: “He is being treated as an inpatient at the Sorocaba institute for chemical addicts in the interior of São Paulo. Although he has already had 10 previous hospitalizations, this hospitalization will receive a different treatment as there are only 14 there. The other hospitals have 60 or more inmates. Your team is huge. Sérgio needed this serious treatment. The other clinics he went to only got him to abstain from drugs during his hospital stay. I’m much more confident that everything will be fine now. It’s a clinic we couldn’t afford.”

She also mentioned Rafael Ilha, formerly Thumb, who helped with the actor’s hospitalization: “The angel Rafael Ilha I didn’t even know in person, only on TV. He was the only one who really fell out of the sky Help us, treatment is ending and I hope this will be his last hospital stay.”

Sergio’s hospitalization came after the actor appeared visibly altered in a live performance on Instagram. He asked his father for a thousand reais to go to São Paulo and threatened to kill him. The artist apologized for what happened.