Serginho Groisman and his team agree on the format of “Altas Horas”

Serginho Groisman and his team agree on the format of “Altas Horas”

It is impossible to hide that our culture has lost its identity and most TV stations today import successful programming formats from Europe, Latin America and the United States, which have a very different culture and colonization than ours.

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The crisis of the TV shows is obvious, most channels do not give 3 rating points and besides the competition with the channels there are fights and rivalries within the channel itself due to the daily smaller share of the advertising market. , due to the growth of streaming, YouTube and social networks.


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>Serginho Groisman

TV managers work hard to keep the audience, as well as producers in search of creative ideas, trying in every way to fix the viewer in front of the TV and get results from the audience, and consequently return to advertisers.

In the midst of this madness Serginho Groisman and its competent television crew take the obvious, take artists who were very successful in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and mix them with new successes in the artistic environment and the result is fantastic, today the program “Altas Horas” is the greatest democratic space for culture in Brazil, a country ruled by people who don’t want to give it space. The 30th edition program took us to the auditorium shows of the 70’s and 80’s such as Chacrinha, Bolinha, Barros de Alencar with many upgrades.

Seeing the program in this pattern is liberating and gives a sense of salvaging a past when our country, even during a tough military period, was happier and people lived with better quality. And these artists, great warriors, without competent advice and businessmen, have sold millions of records, performed in circuses, cinemas and public squares and most of them are currently living in financial difficulties while the record companies are left with most of their revenues in Record sales simply disappeared with the incorporation of digital.


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Serginho welcomes these artists with the affection and respect their careers deserve, making Saturday nights that much happier, not to mention the perfect band to accompany them.

Watching “Altas Horas” means going back in time, recognizing and honoring these talents and remembering historical moments of our television that gave 80, 90 rating points to bring these incredibly wonderful artists to joy in people’s lives to lead.

On today’s show, July 30th, “Altas Horas” got the formula right, true Brazilian without copying the “canned” and turning our TV into a barn of lowincome and talentless people. Sergio Groisman and his team deserve my respect, repeat that, the audience thanks you.