Serge Savard’s invitation brought in 6,000

Serge Savard’s invitation brought in $536,000

The 3e Serge Savard’s Invitational, held at Le Mirage Golf Club, raised $536,000 to support student-athletes at Université de Sherbrooke. Serge Savard’s invitation also paid tribute to Guy Lafleur and the 50the Anniversary of the series of the century from 1972.

Photos Martin Alarie, Pascale Vallée, Valérie Blum

Ken Dryden, Marcel Dionne, Guy Lapointe, Yvan Cournoyer, Serge Savard and Peter Mahovlich played for Team Canada in the 1972 Summit Series, which they won against the Russians.

Former Canadiens captain Guy Carbonneau is surrounded by three long hitters, Guy Trudeau, Benoit Beaucage and Jean-François Trudeau.

Serge Savard’s invitation was also a tribute to Guy Lafleur, as Mario Messier and José Théodore hold Guy Lafleur’s personalized golf flag on the 10th hole.

Benoit Brunet is dating Stéphane Richer and Pierre Gervais.

Former Canadian Murray Wilson is in the presence of Pierre Plouffe, water skier, and Peter Mahovlich, who vigorously celebrated the victory against the Russians in Russia in 1972.

Stéphane Richer, a two-time scorer of 50 goals, crossed paths with Caroline Doyon and Francyne Noël Trudeau.

Former Canadian President Ronald Corey is surrounded by Michel Trudeau and Luc Dionne.

Me Marc Tremblay spoke to former CH defender Pierre Bouchard.

Mario Tremblay was delighted to meet Joann Villeneuve, wife of pilot Gilles Villeneuve.

Marcel Dionne and Serge Savard were touched when Robert Charlebois performed a song he had composed for Guy Lafleur.

Angelo Chiappetta, Roberto Pietrovito and Dary Laflamme are with Pierre Bouchard.

Outstanding scorers Steve Shutt and Oleg Petrov.

Michel Beaudry and Victor Charlebois, son of the legendary Robert Charlebois, certainly discussed music.

Chantal Machabée of Canada is surrounded by Stanley Cup winner Lucien DeBlois and dynamic Ron Fournier.

Martin Matte-Thibault discovered Gilbert Delorme’s golf talent.

Anthony Mantha, whose grandfather André Pronovost won four Stanley Cups with the Canadian, welcomed the new CH ambassadors Guy Carbonneau and Vincent Damphousse.

New Canadian Ambassador, Chris Nilan, wished ex-New Jersey Devils recruiter Pierre Mondou an excellent retirement.

Memories of the Nordic-Canadian rivalry era as we see Michel Bergeron and Jacques Lemaire.

Two superb left-handed golfers, Herb Black and former Canadiens captain Vincent Damphousse.

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