Serena Grandi in luxury BB without paying the bill the

Serena Grandi in «luxury B&B without paying the bill»: the trial and the verdict, the ordeal of the actress (a

The allegations that process and the sentence. The actress Serena Grandi, 64, was acquitted of the fraudulent bankruptcy charge. She had ended up after a stint in a court case in the Arezzo court bed and breakfast Luxury in 2018, at the end of which the owners complained about the unpaid bill and damage to the structure. At the time, the actress was in the house with her partner from Arezzo, writes the Corriere di Arezzo with the news of the acquittal.


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“The fact does not exist,” judge Antonio Dami ruled for the protagonist of Miranda, Monella and many other films that have turned her into a sex symbol. The company that manages the resort was a civil party and sought damages. Serena Grandi, whose real name is Serena Faggioli, did not attend the last hearing and the previous ones celebrated at the Arezzo court. It will be the grounds filed in the coming weeks that will explain how the evidence of what has been reported by the Arezzo B&B is immature.