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September series: “Sex Education” on Netflix, “Poker Face” on SkyShowtime and other premieres

The usual tsunami of premieres that the television industry has accustomed its viewers to in the fall won’t be as plentiful this year, and September is proof of that. Writers’ and actors’ strikes have left US free-to-air television almost completely unavailable, and platforms, while still well-stocked, are cautious about publishing to avoid the fallout from a strike that is yet to happen could last weeks. Without going into detail, of the titles we selected this month, half were published months ago in their country of origin. One of these series, now arriving in Spain, is an acclaimed television creation from the director of Puñales por la corazón. The fiction based on the Metropolitan Police case is also published, and one of Britain’s most acclaimed police officers of recent times arrives.

Additionally, the Fantasy Wheel of Time returns for its second season this month (Day 1 on Amazon Prime Video). Maxi Iglesias and Ximena Romo are two con artists in “The Artists” (Day 8 on Amazon Prime Video) and one of the inspectors in “Crime in Paradise”, played by Kris Marshall, presents his own series “Beyond Paradise” (Day 10 on COSMO). The Walking Dead universe continues to expand with The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (Day 11 on AMC+), which moves the action to France. The disturbing and shocking British thriller Wolf (14th on HBO Max) offers a proposal that combines police, black comedy and extreme violence.

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In the romantic comedy “Sleepless Nights” (22nd on Apple TV+), two insomniacs exchange their experiences and thoughts at night. The Continental (22nd on Amazon Prime Video) delves into the John Wick universe to explore the origins of the legendary hotel. The current issue of abuse of power in sport is the focus of the British Golpe de Reverse (Day 24 on Movistar Plus+) with Aiden Turner, while some young superheroes and students from Godolkin University are the protagonists of Generation V (Day 29). Amazon Prime Video), a series derived from The Boys. And throughout September, Atresplayer will premiere the 1970s-set drama Between Lands.

Of this month’s premieres and returns (which you can check out on our calendar), we recommend giving this selection a chance.

Justified: wild city

Timothy Olyphant and Victor Williams in “Justified: Wild City.”

Timothy Olyphant returns to play Raylan Givens, who has now left Kentucky to start a new life in Detroit. Eight years later, Raylan combines his work as a bailiff with his work as the father of a 14-year-old teenager. Through a chance encounter he meets a violent sociopath and his lawyer. The series’ return was generally well received by specialist critics, who appreciated its ability to reinvent itself as a standalone story and not cling too closely to the past while maintaining the character’s essence.

Where and when can you see it? On Disney+ from day 6.

The body is burning

Úrsula Corberó, as Rosa Peral in the series “The body on fire”.

In May 2017, when a burned-out car was discovered in the Foix reservoir (Barcelona), a body was discovered inside. The body turns out to be that of a city police agent. The investigation focuses on those around him, especially his partner Rosa Peral. Little by little, a whole network of toxic relationships, manipulation, sexual scandals and violence within the police is uncovered. Úrsula Corberó takes on the role of Rosa Peral, while Quim Gutiérrez plays Albert López, another agent with whom Rosa had a relationship. A real case with all the ingredients (morbidity, sex, deception, crime…) that serve as the basis for an addictive series. And for those who want to close the case, the documentary The Tapes of Rosa Peral will be released on the same day.

Where and when can you see it? All eight chapters will be available on Netflix on the 8th.


Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani in the first episode of Chivlary.

British romantic comedy that premiered last year, starring Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani and received good reviews in the British media. The cinema after “Me Too” is the environment in which this story develops, in which a producer who represents attitudes that do not correspond to the new times turns to a respected feminist filmmaker to try to recreate a project to fix something that doesn’t match what the study expects. The two will try to persuade a director to reshoot some scenes while dealing with the changes that cinema has undergone both on screen and off. Experts praised both the examination of the underlying theme and the chemistry between the protagonists.

Where and when can you see it? Filmin will premiere the six episodes on the 12th.

The Morning Show

Reese Witherspoon, in the third season of “The Morning Show.”

After a well-received first season, the second installment of the series, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, received a lukewarm reception. The new episodes will try to get back on track by starting over, putting their characters in new places and confronted with new loyalties and an uncertain future. A technology tycoon (played by Jon Hamm), who even takes the protagonists into space, is preparing to buy the network in which the action takes place. Billy Crudup, Julianna Margulies and Mark Duplass return to the cast of the series, which depicts the backroom tug-of-war of a television news network.

Where and when can you see it? The first two episodes will be released on Apple TV+ on the 13th, with a new one coming every week.

Poker face

Natasha Lyonne, in the second episode of “Poker Face.”Natasha Lyonne, in the second episode of “Poker Face”.Peacock (Evans Vestal Ward/Peacock)

It’s one of the most acclaimed premieres by American critics so far this year, and now it’s finally arriving in Spain. Rian Johnson (director of Daggers in the Back) is the creator of this story that takes the spirit of Columbo and other classic cops to follow the peculiar Charlie Cale, a woman with a strange ability that allows her to recognize when someone lies. As he drives down the road in his car, at every stop he comes across a strange crime that he can solve thanks to his gift. Natasha Lyonne is nominated for an Emmy thanks to her performance. Experts have also highlighted the solidity of the script and direction.

Where and when can you see it? SkyShowtime will present the first two episodes on the 15th, with a new one every week until ten episodes of the first season have been completed.

Enlightenment lessons

Emma Mackey, in the fourth season of “Sex Education.”

The fourth season of this youth drama takes the protagonists to a new school, where they find an even more open and progressive environment than they are used to. Meanwhile, Maeve realizes her dream at a prestigious university in the United States and takes courses from a renowned writer. Otis is already impressed with her from a distance. The series, whose main component is the exploration of sex and feelings between its protagonists, reaches its final season in very good condition and, thanks to its entertaining and intelligent scripts, has become one of the most remarkable British productions on its platform. its charismatic actors and the development of the characters.

Where and when can you see it? Season four premieres on Netflix on Thursday the 21st.

Struck by the stars

Rose Matafeo, in the third season of Starstruck.

Another story where the scripts and the interpretation of the protagonist shine, this British romantic comedy has managed to break with the clichés of the genre, reinventing them and using them to its advantage. Jessie, a somewhat disastrous and very ironic woman, accidentally gets into a relationship with a very famous actor. The love story continues to develop and we meet Jessie in the third season, two years after the distance ended the relationship. As she watches her friends’ lives progress, she feels left behind and wonders what she’s really looking for. A little gem that should appeal to both fans of romantic comedies and those who avoid them thanks to its intelligent dialogue and hilarious situations.

Where and when can you see it? The third season premieres on HBO Max on the 28th.

Blue lights

Sian Brooke, in the series “Blue Lights”.

British critics put this police drama on the same level as Line of Duty and viewership for each episode on the BBC grew week on week. “Fascinating and full of nuance,” they said in the Guardian. The plot revolves around a police station in Belfast, where three young police officers try to pass their probationary period with the help of experienced officers. In their daily lives they face street gangs, drug dealing and undercover investigations, but the task becomes even more complicated when they become involved in a large-scale investigation of a local mafia and the feeling of threat grows among the agents. It has already been renewed for a second season.

Where and when can you see it? Movistar Plus+ presents its first episode on Friday 29th, with a new one every week until the six episodes are completed.

Other notable series in September


Second season. Day 1 on Amazon Prime Video.


Fifth season. Day 1 on Netflix.


Fourth season. Day 5 on HBO Max.


8th season. Day 5 in Filmin.


Fifth season. Day 7 on Netflix.


Premiere. Day 7 on Netflix.


Premiere. Day 8 on Amazon Prime Video.


Premiere. Day 8 on Apple TV+.


Premiere. Day 10 at Cosmo.


Premiere. Day 11 on AMC+.


Fourth season. Day 11 on Warner TV.


Premiere. Day 14 on HBO Max.


Second season. Day 18 on Movistar Plus+.


Premiere. Day 18 on Syfy.


Premiere. Day 19 in Filmin.


Premiere. Day 22 on Apple TV+.


Premiere. Day 22 on Amazon Prime Video.


Premiere. Day 24 on Movistar Plus+.


Premiere. Day 26 in Filmin.


Premiere. Day 29 on Amazon Prime Video.

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