Separated for 14 years, Claudia Jimenez and Stella Torreão still lived together

Separated for 14 years, Claudia Jimenez and Stella Torreão still lived together

Stella Torreão was the love of Claudia Jimenez, who died today at the age of 63. The two formed a couple between 1998 and 2008 but never actually split as the actress continued to share the same apartment with the personal trainer.

Every November 18, Claudia’s birthday, Stella publicly professed her love on social media. Today it was time to say goodbye to his great partner.

Claudia Jimenez’s exwife is a personal trainer and has been running a health room in Rio de Janeiro since 2000, frequented by several famous people such as Patricia Pillar, Camila Pitanga, Frejat, Vera Holtz and Guilherme Leme. Claudia was also his partner.

At the Espaço Stella Torreão in Lagoa, Claudia Jimenez also took care of her health with water aerobics courses. The gym caters to babies and the elderly with activities like strength training, Pilates, and physical therapy.

In 2018, in an interview in Mônica Bergamo’s column in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, Claudia said that she still considered herself married.

“When you ask, ‘Are you married?’ I say, ‘I am.’ I often say our breakup didn’t work out. She’s so in my life and I’m in hers that the only part we carry I’m not alive, it’s erotic.”

When they were still officially together as a couple, Claudia and Stella even made plans to have children between 1998 and 2008. The personal trainer who would father his child.

“I thought about having one with Stella when we were together. She would be the belly. But the thing happened and in the end it didn’t happen,” the actress said about wanting to be a mother.

“At the time I was thinking about adopting. But I had these complications [de saúde], and today I can’t hold a child on my lap because of my heart problems. Life has given me some limitations that I have to accept.”

In the same interview, Claudia Jimenez also revealed that while Stella was the love of her life, she wasn’t the first woman in her life. “Stella wasn’t the first. I had already dated others. It’s just that they’re wellknown people and I can’t name them so as not to embarrass them [risos]. But I only dated these.”

After ending her marriage to Stella Torreão, Claudia also said she enjoyed her make out phase, which she couldn’t live through during puberty as she was fat and rejected by boys.

“There in four years [depois que se separou de Stella] I lived through puberty. I went to the party every day, to the club. look at the group [com quem ela saía na época]: Carolina Dieckmann, Paulo Vilhena, Giovanna Antonelli, Fernanda Paes Leme, Bruno de Luca. It was just young people [risos]. I had to live it. It was important to me.”