Seniors happy with their housing but not the prices

Seniors happy with their housing but not the prices

Most seniors living in private senior residences (RPA) say they are satisfied with their living environment, regardless of the price it costs, according to a survey by Protégez-vous magazine.

In the list of private homes for seniors, the publication states that 53% of seniors give their home an 8 out of 10. However, almost half (49%) say the prices irritate them. “In addition, residents and their families say they have no complaints for fear of reprisals,” Protégez-vous said in a statement. Proof that prices are high, only 10% of respondents said they can get by on a bill of less than $1,500 a month.

The survey data also shows that 46% of respondents say they have paid for services they have never used during the pandemic, such as B. Personal assistance and housekeeping. In addition, 35% of respondents feel that the administration of their RPA does not listen to them when they raise criticism or that the administration lacks transparency. A third (34%) of respondents are dissatisfied with the food they are served.

The Senior Residences Satisfaction Survey was conducted August 9-24 among 3,562 people who lived in or had a family member living in an RPA.

Protect yourself also wanted to check which residences offer the best services. Thirteen criteria were taken into account, including prices, food, safety, recreation and care.

Le Groupe Maurice tops the list with a score of 75%. “His residences stand out particularly for the organization of leisure activities, security measures and the courtesy of the staff. However, it fares poorly in terms of personal assistance services and pricing,” said Protégez-vous.

Detached houses follow closely in second place with a value of 73%. For their part, Sélection Retraite and Les Résidences Soleil (Savoie group) finish the ranking with 69% and 68% respectively.