Senators must stay in Ottawa says Gary Bettman

Senators must stay in Ottawa, says Gary Bettman

The Ottawa Senators may relocate, but not outside of the Canadian capital, National Hockey League (NHL) commissioner Gary Bettman said Saturday.

Fifteen groups have applied to acquire the franchise put up for sale by the Melnyk family, the hockeyman confirmed during a press conference at the All-Star Game. According to the “Ottawa Sun”, the applicants will submit their offers to the New York company Galatioto Sports Partners, which the NHL will then sort through.

However, Bettman reiterated the importance of the Ottawa market and opened the door for a move from the team’s hometown to the LeBreton Flats.

The Senators’ current home arena, the Canadian Tire Center, is located in the Kanata neighborhood in the city’s west end. The arena opened in 1996.

In addition, the commissioner pointed out that the NHL had $6 billion in revenue that season. In 2021-2022, the circuit had recorded $5.4 billion in profits.