Senator Jorge Kajuru tattoos Alvaro Dias’ face on his back;  Clock

Senator Jorge Kajuru tattoos Alvaro Dias’ face on his back; Clock

posted on 01/20/2023 20:14

    (Credit: Reproduction/Twitter @SenadorKajuru)

(Credit: Reproduction/Twitter @SenadorKajuru)

Senator Jorge Kajuru (Podemos GO) tattooed the face of fellow senator and party colleague Alvaro Dias on his back.

This Friday (1/20) the politician took to Twitter to post a video in which he appears to lift his shirt and shows Dias the tribute he made.



— Senator Kajuru (@SenadorKajuru) January 19, 2023

“I want to pay tribute here to what I promised in the Senate. I want to present my way of thanking this public man that Brazil admires. We became friends, so God gave me this gift,” says Kajuru.

Alvaro Dias responded to the tweet, saying that this is the biggest show of friendship he’s ever received. “How barbaric. That’s the biggest sign of friendship I’ve ever received. An honor for me, that’s a good man’s back. Brave,” said Alvaro.

In addition to the senator’s face, Kajuru has also tattooed presenter José Luiz Datena, presenter Adriana Galisteu and singer Claudia Leite, figures whom she says are good friends.

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