Selvaggia Lucarelli confirmed on Dancing with the Stars We have

Selvaggia Lucarelli confirmed on “Dancing with the Stars”: “We have reached a peace agreement” QUOTIDIANO NAZIONALE

Selvaggia Lucarelli remains on the jury of “Dancing with the Stars”, the popular dance talent show that starts on Raiuno at the end of October. Along with her are the historical faces Fabio Canino, Guillermo Mariotto, Ivan Zazzaroni and Carolyn Smith. As always, the host moderated the program Milly Carlucci.

In short, it thundered so hard that it didn’t rain. The last event was a very turbulent and controversial edition for Selvaggia Lucarelli, given the participation of his partner Lorenzo Biagiarelli The show had put her in a particularly difficult position on the jury. Not to mention the constant conflict with multiple competitors.

In recent months there has often been talk of the possibility that the commentator was not confirmed in the cast of the show and Selvaggia Lucarelli herself had suggested that something might have happened. Now here is the photo of the jury with Milly Carlucci on Instagram and the caption: “We have reached a peace agreement: I left Crimea to him“.

On the other hand, a new edition of “Dancing with the Stars” is unimaginable without the controversy surrounding Selvaggia Lucarelli. This is even more true for the film that is about to begin, since there will be one of the protagonists Wanda Nara who has caused great discussion around the world in recent months because of his illness – which was doubted by many viewers at the time.