Selvaggia Lucarelli attacks the Maneskin Grown up like geese destined

Selvaggia Lucarelli attacks the Måneskin: “Grown up like geese destined for foie gras”

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In her podcast “Il sottosopra”, the journalist reflects on the “inflated” success of the Roman band. And he speaks of a “crisis” between frontman Damiano David and bassist Victoria De Angelis

“What’s left of sincerity in the maneskins?”. Selvaggia Lucarelli, 48, begins with this question in the latest episode of her podcast “Il Sottosopra”.

After speaking out against the band’s “marriage” defined as “cafonata” (in which Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Ethan Torchio and Thomas Raggi, the four members of the group swore eternal fidelity), the journalist is now back, to comment on their rise to success with a deeper analysis.

“The feeling – says Lucarelli – is that they have grown up too quickly. A growth as fast as that of geese destined for foie gras. They can no longer eat what they want, but are artificially stuffed by the system to end up on our tables».

The Eurovision Song Contest triumph, a springboard for Damiano and his companions to fame outside their home borders, radically changed the life of the band. Starting with the farewell in 2021 of Marta Donà, the historical manager of the group, with the intention of “internationalizing” the band and thus achieving a real success that became global in a flash. As Lucarelli reports in his podcast, her music is now taking a back seat: “The bar of too much has risen higher and higher. The tongues, the nude photos, the make-up, the smashed instruments on stage, the liquid kisses, everything has already been seen…”.

The rumors of alleged tensions between frontman Damiano David and bassist Victoria De Angelis also landed under Lucarelli’s critical lens. In fact, there seems to be a split between the two that fans had been noting for some time: “Her absence from Damiano’s recent birthday gives more concreteness to the indiscretion that tells of the bad feeling between Victoria and his girlfriend Giorgia Soleri. Indiscretion in many articles, never denied by the protagonists. There are photos of Berlusconi with a communist, but there is no photo of Victoria with Giorgia Soleri, so it could mean something».

January 28, 2023 (change January 28, 2023 | 4:35 p.m.)