1676651199 Selena Gomez on Her Physical Changes My meds are important

Selena Gomez on Her Physical Changes: “My meds are important. I prefer to be healthy and take care of myself.”

Selena Gomez on Her Physical Changes My meds are important

Selena Gomez (Texas, USA, 30 years old) grew up under the constant gaze of millions of viewers during her youth. Being a girl raised in the Disney factory has forced her to live with repeated comments about her physique, personal life, acting and music. However, in recent years, the actress has been responsible for reminding her followers — and those who feel free to speak their minds — that criticizing other people’s bodies isn’t right. He did it again this Thursday, in a live broadcast on his TikTok account, where he amasses 45 million followers.

The last time she had to deal with comments about her weight changes was on Jan. 10 when she attended the Golden Globes Gala, which was awarded for her role in the Disney+ series Just Murders in the Building for Best Television Actress in a musical or comedy series was nominated. Although he did not receive the award, he had to watch how he was met with thousands of criticisms on social networks because of his stature. Hours after the gala, Gomez directly messaged his Instagram account (which has 378 million followers) to raise the matter. “I’m a little fat right now because I had fun over the holidays,” she said with a smile, accompanied by her little sister, Gracie.

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Now, a month after what happened, he has decided to step back in front of the camera to tell his followers what he’s going through. In 2015, the actress was diagnosed with lupus, a disease she has lived with ever since and has guided her career moves, from the projects she chose to the projects she was forced into, more so than one opportunity to cancel. In this Thursday’s live broadcast on TikTok, Gomez explained how her lupus medication is affecting her body: “When I take it I tend to retain a lot of fluids and that happens all the time. If I stop taking it, I’ll lose weight.”

As well as explaining why her weight is constantly fluctuating, she also had a few words for her followers: “I want to support anyone who is ashamed of what they are going through. Nobody knows our true stories.” And she continued to encourage everyone who was following her at the time: “I just want people to know that you are beautiful and wonderful. Yes, we have days when we might feel down, but I prefer to be healthy and take care of myself. My meds are important and I think they’re the ones that help me.”

With this directive, Gomez wanted to settle the dispute about her body image once and for all: “I’m not a model, I never will be. I think they’re great, but I’m not like that.” She also wanted to warn all those, including followers, who have criticized her for this reason: “Thank you for supporting and understanding me. If you don’t support me, then walk away , because I don’t agree with body shaming.” It’s not the first time the Who Says singer has used her massive networks to defend herself and speak her mind. In 2022 he explained in another live show on TikTok: “I don’t care about my weight because people complain about it anyway.”

In recent days, the artist has become one of the protagonists on the cover of Vanity Fair’s annual special on emerging Hollywood talent. where she shares the cover with actors like Ana de Armas, Austin Butler (Elvis) or Regé-Jean Page (Los Bridgertons). In the interview for this issue, Gomez confessed that she is not ashamed of her past as a Disney girl, with these But she wants to stop for years: “I worked very hard to find my own way. I don’t want to be who I was. I want to be who I am now.”

Additionally, last November, the actress premiered her own documentary on Apple TV, Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me. It’s not based on the glamor that surrounds her, but on her most vulnerable and human side, showing it without a filter, like hers diagnosis of bipolarity, lupus, or anxiety, which she recorded over four years, between 2016 and 2020. During those years of battling the disease, she had to cancel tours and projects, and was even admitted to rehab clinics for treatment. In 2017, the singer had to undergo a kidney transplant due to complications with lupus. Exactly, at the premiere of the documentary, Gomez announced that she would have to undergo surgery again.