Selena Gomez breaks silence about meeting Hailey Bieber after viral

Selena Gomez breaks silence about meeting Hailey Bieber after viral photo of the pair; Cash

Selena Gomez broke the silence about meeting Hailey Bieber weeks ago at an event in Los Angeles. In an interview with Vulture (2) published this Wednesday, the singer was asked about the viral photos with her exboyfriend’s wife. The star also commented on her latest project, the documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me, and spoke about her new musical release.

After years of rumors of a feud, Selena and Hailey “broke the internet” by performing together at an Academy Museum event. The two were among the most discussed topics on social networks around the world. Still, Sel downplayed the importance of the clicks when asked about the story behind the images. “Yeah, it’s no big deal. It’s not even anything,” the actress explained.

Selena also spoke about her unreleased song “My Mind and Me,” which will be part of the documentary’s soundtrack. “Actually, we’ve been working on this new record for years simply because I wanted to grow with my music. I’m the person who’s afraid of what’s going to happen when it comes out, so I want it to be done really well and representative of where I’m at. To be honest there are some cool things I’m looking forward to. I’m not allowed to do this. But I’m really excited. It’s going to be fun and refreshing I think.”

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Regarding the feature, Selena said she’s waiting for fans to see a scene where she’s promoting a work in Europe but is being bombarded with strange questions from the press. “I feel like the artists will understand my pain in the promotional part. I want a big change in that. It’s very simple, but I say I want a change in it. I think people in our position deserve real questions,” she said. Another notable part of the production concerns the diva’s mother: “Oh, and talking to my mother was really wonderful because she deserves every light that shines on her”.

Meet Hailey

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber attended the 2nd Annual Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles on October 15 and appeared together in rare clicks. In the pictures, both appeared in a very friendly tone. The stars even puckered their faces for the clicks, beyond the smiles. Click here to see the photos!

For years, netizens have speculated about the timing of Justin Bieber’s engagement with Hailey and Selena Gomez. (Photos: Getty)

But the two have been in the headlines since September, when Hailey opened up about the controversy surrounding her marriage to Justin Bieber and her relationship with Selena. Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the model denied any disagreements with the actress and admitted the two even discussed the issues. “I respect it, there’s no personal drama,” he said. “And so [pela conversa] I think it’s all respect. It’s all love That’s also why I feel like if everyone on our side knows what happened, if we’re okay and we can come out of it with clarity and respect, then it’s okay,” he added.

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“A lot of the hate comes from ‘Oh you stole it [Justin]’ and the fact that they wanted him to end up with someone else. And that’s okay, you can wish whatever you want, but that’s not the case,” he noted. “You get a certain numbness [do ódio]… That’s still happening to this day, if I went live now it would still be happening. You get to a point where you have to ignore it,” Hailey commented.

Hailey Bieber PodcastHailey Bieber has spoken openly about all the controversies involving her and Selena Gomez for the first time. (Photos: Reproduction)

According to her, “the three involved in the story know what happened,” while the muse acknowledges the communication brought her “a lot of peace.” “It is what it is. You will never be able to correct all narratives and there will always be new ones. It will never end and that’s why I’m getting to this point, that’s why I haven’t said much about those things.”

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After the interview, Selena also spoke up. In a live on TikTok, the artist criticized the harsh comments the model said she had received and sent out a request to her fans. “I think a lot of the things I didn’t even need to know are just cruel and disgusting, and that’s not fair. No one should be treated like that,” the Only Murders in the Building star began.

Selena Gomez Hugo Shine 1280 720 2Selena Gomez asked fans to respect Hailey. (Photo: Getty Images)

Then she mentioned the launch of a new line of products called Kind Words. “I just have to say that it’s incredibly ironic that I’m releasing something that’s 100% words of affection because that’s exactly what I want. If you support Rare, I can’t thank you enough… But know that you also represent what it stands for.”

“Words matter, they really do. Then that [os comentários negativos] it’s not from me I want you all to know that I hope you understand that this is so much bigger than anything else.” Cash:

Following Ms. Bieber’s comments on a podcast, Selena Gomez shows she’s an angel and once again defends the model live on TikTok: “Things shouldn’t be spoken to anyone the way I saw them. […] When you support Rare, you support what she stands for.”

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