Security guard filmed singing at Taylor Swift concert fired

Security guard filmed singing at Taylor Swift concert, fired

A security guard made famous by a viral video of his performance at a Taylor Swift concert has reportedly been fired after asking the public to take photos of him during the show.

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Calvin Denker was filmed by admirers of the singer singing Cruel Summer at the foot of the stage at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis last June. Footage of her performance was seen by almost 3 million people on TikTok.

The young man used his newfound fame to tell his story. The latter explained that his position as a security guard allowed him to be very close to the singer during her show.

“I really wanted to document that experience,” he explained. The latter had found a solution to circumvent his company’s rules, which prohibit him from turning his back on the public or using his phone during his shift.

“I was handing out notes to people in the front row asking them to take a picture of me when Taylor Swift came up behind me,” he says.

The many photos of him and the singer cost him his job.

“The HR person who broke the message couldn’t tell me what I did wrong, other than that I was photographed,” he explains. I always made sure Taylor Swift was safe.

Several netizens asked the singer to hire the security guard.

Others have also suggested Calvin Denker see a lawyer to get his job back.