Sebastian Stan’s incredible transformation for A Different Man, the new psychological thriller from A24

Sebastian Stan’s incredible transformation for A Different Man, the new psychological thriller from A24

In recent years, Sebastian Stan’s career has risen “like the foam”, from supporting actor to supporting actor join in miracles In the role of James “Bucky” Barnes and star in the films of the “Captain America”.

And it is that his first steps in such series as “Law and Order” and “Gossip Girls” participation in such tapes as “black Swan“Y”The Bund‘, where he demonstrated his versatility in his roles.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the actor decides to take a new step in his career by joining one Indie Horror Productionfor which it has undergone a total transformation, far from its image as “the winter soldierβ€œ.

Sebastian Stan plays Pamela Anderson's ex-husband "Pam & Tommy" (Photo: Hulu)Sebastian Stan plays Pamela Anderson’s ex-husband in Pam & Tommy (Picture: Hulu)


This year, the Romanian actor has cemented his career as he landed his starring role on Marvel projects in “Pam & Tommy‘, the Hulu series that rekindles the drummer’s whirlwind romance Tommy Lee and supermodel Pamela Anderson.

In this production, Stan shares the roles with Lily James and plays the leader of Motley Cruewho has been accused more than once of killing the star of “Baywatch”, In addition to being arrested and starring in an adult film.

Far from staying in the role, the actor has confirmed that he will be involved in the production of “An other man“(“An other man‘), a horror thriller film directed by Aaron Schmberg for the indie production company A24.

In fact, Stan has shared a preview of what his character looks like via his social media channels, with different prosthetics and almost unrecognizable from how he’s portrayed in other productions.

Sebastian Stan gave a little taste of what it's going to look like in "An other man" (Photo: Sebastian Stan/Instagram)Sebastian Stan shared a preview of what he’ll look like in ‘A Different Man’ (Photo: Sebastian Stan/Instagram)

It was announced via the band that there will be additional participation sebastian stanby Renate Reinsve (“Oslo” and “The Worst Man Alive”) and Adam Pearson (“Under the Skin”), actors with experience in thrillers and films with deep messages.