Sebastián Caicedo: “I will love her all my life”

Sebastián Caicedo: “I will love her all my life”

Colombian actor Sebastián Caicedo isn’t having one of his best moments. But despite his split from Carmen VillalobosRemaining optimistic, he assures that there was no grudge between him and his ex-wife and even wishes the Colombian actress all the best.

A few days ago, Carmen Villalobos shared her relationship through her networks Sebastian Caicedo it was over. “I’m here to confirm that Sebastian and I made the decision some time ago separate us. After more than thirteen years of relationship and meditation, we understood that it’s best to walk different paths,” said Carmen.

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On July 18, Carmen Villalobos announced on her social networks that her relationship with Sebastián had ended.

A few days later that Colombian actor also sent an explanation of this through their stories of Instagram: “I just want to make it clear that it was never for a third person and certainly not because I’m gay. Simply, as she also put it, life has taken us in other directions and paths where it’s better to be yourself to say goodbye to love.”

This Thursday, Caicedo was interviewed by the moderator of as part of the “Colombiamoda” event TV Colombian and expert on Soap Operas Carlos Ochoa, with whom he spoke about his new projects. “It’s a super entrepreneurial city that welcomes you, calls you to create. Like I told you last time, I’m busy with my business right now, so I think you’ll have to put up with me here for a while,” he said. Actor on the hit superseries of Telemundo “The Lord of Heavens”.

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Sebastián goes through a moment of spirituality in search of things that make him happy.

“It’s like a baby, which means you’re there, pregnant and pregnant, and until it comes out we’ll talk, but it’s going to be very nice and I know everyone’s going to like it,” he said.

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As he clarified at the time in the statement he sent, Caicedo He confirmed he would not make any further statements about his breakup with Villalobos and assured that he would always wish him the best. “That’s already in the past. I will love her all my life, she is in my heart but I wish her the best in the world now and then life goes on,” Caicedo said.