Sean Monahan traded with the Canadians

Sean Monahan traded with the Canadians

The Montreal Canadiens acquired forward Sean Monahan from the Calgary Flames on Thursday.

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However, the transaction has yet to be confirmed by the teams involved. According to multiple sources including the Sportsnet network, the Alberta club was able to sign an unrestricted free agent Nazem Kadri by giving up Monahan and his $6.375 million annual salary. The 27-year-old Pivot will spend the final year of his seven-year, $44.625 million pact in the next campaign and will be free after that unless he comes to an agreement with the Habsburgs.

The Ontarian, who has been plagued by injuries in recent years, struggled in 2021/22 and had to undergo hip surgery after his season ended in early April. He settled for 23 points in 65 games and even visited the press box for one game because of his errors.

Monahan has scored 30 goals on three occasions since his National League debut in 2013-14. He hit the target 212 times and added 250 assists for 462 points in 656 games.