1672661317 Screams in the night at GF Vip Oriana Marzoli

Screams in the night at GF Vip, Oriana Marzoli explodes against Dana Saber: “Ridiculous, crazy, you’re worth zero!”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Quarrel at night in Big Brother Vip’s house. Oriana Marzoli lost her temper at Dana Saber, who was guilty of opening her closet and throwing the Venezuelan’s things on the floor.

Screams in the night at GF Vip Oriana Marzoli

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Busy night at the Casa del Big Brother VIP due to a very heated argument between Oriana Marzoli and Dana Saber. The Venezuelan candidate faced her rival while she was already in bed. The reason? Dana, upset that Oriana had shifted her shoes, opened the Venezuelan’s closet and threw her things on the floor. Realizing this, Marzoli exploded and decided to confront her roommate.

Oriana Marzoli yells at Dana: ‘You’re crazy’

Before confronting Dana, Oriana let her companions (they called themselves “Spartans”) know that she had found part of her wardrobe on the floor. Then the Venezuelan entered her room and confronted Dana, who was already in bed: “You really want a clip because you’re nobody here. Silly. This is mine, I haven’t touched any of it. He put his shoes in my closet without asking my permission. Silly!” Dana retorted, “It was you who threw my shoes,” but Oriana didn’t let her finish, “Who threw your shoes? I’m in a closet. Crazy! Silly! Can’t you see that you pathetic! A person who is constantly looking for a clip because you’re nobody! You’re a zero!” Dana defended herself, explaining that she opened Oriana’s closet to pay her back for throwing her shoes wrong, an episode the Venezuelan denied: “Who threw them? i’m in the closet Crazy! do i need to breathe But what do I do when you threw all my clothes on the floor? But how dare you? Not polite. You can’t open my closet. It belongs to me!”.

Dana Saber meets Luca Onestini: “You’re always in the middle of an argument”

After this Consolation at OrianaDana turned around Luke Onestini who had supported the Venezuelan from the start: “Don’t play the clown with me. Mind your business that is best for you. Don’t stand in my way and don’t judge me. Where there is a problem, you are also in the middle. Strange”.