Screaming Ana Paula Araujo walks live on and rises from

Screaming, Ana Paula Araújo walks live on and rises from the bench with news affecting Brazil

The presenter gets up from the bench with screams and shares important news

Ana Paula Araujo became one of Globo’s biggest names due to his friendliness and professionalism in front of the camera. This Monday, the 2nd, she took command of “Bom Dia Brasil” again.

However, amidst the screams, the presenter started the news on the Rio de Janeiro channel and got up from the bench to give news concerning Brazil.

That’s because, as the journalist showed to the followers Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva celebrated and remembered the most beautiful moments of the inauguration.

“Hello, hello, hello, hello,” said the president’s faithful as pictures of the inauguration were broadcast on Globo.


Then Ana Paula Araújo walked around the studios and spoke about the news that affects most Brazilians: the new government.

Ana Paula Araújo (reproduction)

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“Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s third term begins with a series of repeals of measures taken by Jair Bolsonaro’s government on weapons and the environment,” the moderator began.

Then the commander of Bom Dia Brasil confirmed that the President had processed the preliminary measures for family allowances.

“Lula also processed promissory notes to guarantee a family allowance of 600 reais and to extend fuel storage,” the journalist said in Globo.

Ana Paula Araújo starts Globo TV news amid screams Ana Paula Araújo starts Globo TV news amid screams (reproduction)


In addition, Ana Paula Araújo captured some of the most memorable moments of the President’s inauguration.

“The inauguration had symbolic moments such as the handing over of the banner, a speech that preached the fight against inequality,” began the commander of Bom Dia Brasil, who continued:

“The party continued into the night with shows by various artists, Lula made a third and short speech thanking his wife, with a record number of foreign authorities, the President will have a day full of bilateral meetings today,” the moderator concluded .

Ana Paula Araújo (reproduction) Ana Paula Araújo gives news that affects Brazilians (reproduction)

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